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September 26, 2016




You know.

Pakis love Nazis.

So uh.

Weird story.

NY Daily News:

A Houston lawyer wearing a Nazi uniform— evidently facing issues with his firm — opened fire near a strip mall, wounding nine people before he was shot dead by police, authorities said.

Shots rang out around 6:30 a.m. local time in southwest Houston near an intersection with a grocery store, Walgreens and Chuck E. Cheese.

The attacker used a tree near his car for cover as he exchanged gunfire with several officers in a nearby neighborhood before he was killed, officials said at an afternoon press conference.

Six people were hospitalized with gunshot wounds following the shooting — including one person in critical condition and another in serious condition. Three others had minor injuries from broken glass.

Relatives expect that both critically and seriously wounded victim will survive, Mayor pro tem Ellen Cohen said at the press conference.

The suspect’s name was not released by authorities, but KRPC reports that the owner of a Porsche found nearby with several weapons inside is Houston attorney Nathan Desai, 46.

Law enforcement sources also told the station that he was wearing a Nazi uniform, though Houston police’s Dwayne Ready would only confirm that he was wearing vintage military-style apparel.

I wonder if the media is going to pretend this Paki was a White supremacist?

I think they probably will try that. If you didn’t recognize the surname, I guess you could think he was like, Italian or something.

Original article follows.

Don’t thinks for a second that just because some people were shot in some random act of violence, that it constitutes terrorism.

Ooooh no.

This is just because of psychological issues. Also, probably oppression somehow. Just a good boy crying for help.

Unless it was a White guy who did it, in which case he’s definitely a neo-Nazi.

Fox News:

Nine people were injured when a shooter opened fire at a southwest Houston shopping center on Monday morning, police and fire officials said.

The gunman, who was not identified, was shot and killed by police, authorities said. The man, who lived near the shooting scene, was a lawyer and there were reportedly issues between him and his law firm, interim police chief Martha Montalvo said during a news conference.

A (((lawyer))), you say? That’s interesting. We might be seeing a case of a Jewish mass killer, then, since Jews are dramatically over-represented in that profession.

It wouldn’t be the first time a Jew was responsible for a mass shooting. Baruch Goldstein famously shot up a mosque back in the 90’s. Even in the united states, one of the columbine massacre shooters was a Skype. But the media always cover up this fact, of course.


Jews still worship Goldstein as a hero. After he finished shooting up the mosque, the IDF came in and killed a few dozen more, lol.

In any case, “lawyer” pretty much eliminates the possibility that the perpetrator is a google.

Asked if the shooting was an act of terrorism, Montalvo said “I’m not ready to confirm that.”

The gunman was known to law enforcement, officials said, and several guns were found in the man’s car, which was being examined by a bomb squad.

Six of those wounded in the attack were being transported to area hospitals. One person was in critical condition and one person was considered serious. Three other victims were treated at the scene.

Well, ultimately it doesn’t even matter if the shooter is a moslem terrorist or not. Until they release his identity, everyone will assume he is.

The timing is perfect.

RARE omar pepe

The spirit of Omar lives on.

There’s a mass shooting on the day of the debates, and it’s headline news.

If revealing his identity would hurt Trump, you can be sure they would have done that. So it’s very likely the shooter is either a Moslem or a Mexican.

This is going to put even more pressure on Hillary tonight.

Kek has smiled upon us, and in his mercy no lives were lost as sacrifice (except the terrorist).

Praise Kek!