International Women’s Day was as Chaotic as is to be Expected

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 10, 2020

The female cries out in pain as she strikes you.

Women are the most privileged sex, yet they’re always nagging and complaining about how everyone else is oppressing them.

Jews are the most privileged group in the world, yet they’re always complaining about how everyone else is out to get them.


Daily Mail:

Clashes broke out between police and protesters on Sunday as hundreds of thousands of women marched in Chile, Turkey and Pakistan to demand an end to violence against women.

From the streets of Manila to the plazas of the Chilean capital, Santiago, people around the world marked International Women’s Day on Sunday with calls to end exploitation and increase equality.

But tensions marred some celebrations, with police reportedly using tear gas to break up a demonstration by thousands of women in Turkey and security forces arresting demonstrators at a rally in Kyrgyzstan.

Hundreds of thousands of women across Latin America’s biggest cities flocked to the streets for International Women’s Day on Sunday, spurred by a growing outcry over inequality, femicide and strict abortion controls.

As Women’s Day events unfold worldwide, with women donning purple to symbolize feminism, the Latin American marches are set against a backdrop of broader social unrest in the region.

Police said 150,000 protesters gathered in Chile’s capital of Santiago, with another 40,000 marching elsewhere in the country. Many carried signs calling for access to abortion and an end to violence against women. Organizers said the number of protesters was much higher.

International Women’s Day is known to be mainly about two things:

  • Violence
  • Tits

Because women love violence, especially when they’re naked and somehow involved in it.

Things are rough in other parts of the world too.

At this point, after seeing all of these pictures, it’s hard to not agree that every female should be set straight through weaponized rape.

The ones that are too ugly to be raped by men can be raped by robots specifically designed to administer corrective rape.