89-Year-Old White Female Passenger Dies After Vehicle is Hit by Speeding Black

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
February 21, 2020

Anyone want to guess why he was driving so recklessly?

Go on… just one guess.


An 89-year-old woman who was a passenger in a vehicle that was hit by a suspect fleeing police in Ferndale has died, police say.

Mary Lackamp died from her injuries on Feb. 17 after she was involved in a vehicle crash on Valentine’s Day. Lackamp was in a car with two other people when an SUV driven by Harris Howard crashed into the car in the area of Eight Mile Road and Wyoming.

Harris Howard

“I can’t believe suddenly all that exuberance is gone,” said Mary Hrit, Lackamp’s longtime neighbor.

Lackamp is described as a compassionate woman who put the needs of others before her own.

“I was adopted at 10 weeks. She was here for my adoption,” said Bill Frank. “One of the nicest people you could ever meet.”

Lackamp retired from U of D Jesuit High School in Detroit.

“It’s really senseless,” said Edward Kent, a graduate of U of D Jesuit. “It really takes a chunk out of your heart.”

Lackamp and the other two passengers were initially listed in temporary serious but stable condition at a local hospital following the crash.

Howard, who fled the scene after the crash but was later captured by Michigan State Police and arrested, is charged with second-degree fleeing and eluding.

Mary Lackamp

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