8 Out of 10 Americans Say Politics is the Most Stressful Thing in Their Lives

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 12, 2019

Politics are stressful for people because they are forced down their throats everywhere they look, against their will.

The most extreme example of this: I haven’t found a single person who is closely following the impeachment scandal, and yet it is the only thing on the media. This is an abuse of the population. No one cares, but they can’t escape it.

What this study means is that 8 of 10 people say “Jews” are the biggest source of stress in their lives. It is the Jews in the government creating the political disasters and it is the Jews in the media abusing the people with these disasters.

Study Finds:

U.S. politics have never felt quite as contemptuous, and unavoidable, as they do today. We’re a nation of people who are constantly plugged in, whether that be via smartphone, desktop, or regular old cable news. As such, it’s hard for the average adult to go so much as an hour without at least casually glancing at a sensationalized headline, nasty social media comment fueled by political disdain, or television screen featuring a bias news pundit. Now, a new survey of 2,000 Americans finds that all of this vitriol filled political discourse is taking a serious mental toll. An astounding 78% of respondents say politics are the number one source of anxiety and stress in their life.

The survey, commissioned by LIFEAID Beverage Co., also identified on-the-job worries (51%), and financial matters (51%) as other common factors stressing Americans out. Another major stressor for many is health and medical issues (37%), and 25% say their commute to work each day is a stressful nightmare. Surprisingly, 37% of respondents listed their own partner as a big source of personal anxiety and stress. Other frequently cited stressors included social media (29%) and climate change (32%).

All of that stress is complicating other aspects of life, as well, with two-thirds (67%) of respondents admitting their constant anxiety is causing them to be less productive at work.

People shouldn’t follow politics.

Nothing is going to happen.

That is where the stress comes from: this powerlessness that goes along with the hysterical and outrageous nature of the presentation. They are telling you this is all life and death, pushing every single possible emotional trigger 24 hours a day, then making it clear that whichever side you’re on, you’re pretty much doomed.

This isn’t healthy.

People should stop following politics too closely. I have myself stopped following politics closely. I’m interested in the metapolitical narrative, but the ins and outs no longer really matter to me.