8 Billion People Can Live on the Moon for 100,000 Years

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I don’t actually believe this.


The Moon’s atmosphere doesn’t contain enough oxygen for human life, but under the planet’s rocky top layer, there’s enough of the gas to sustain eight billion human lives for 100,000 years, according to a prominent scientist.

In a piece penned this week in The Conversation, John Grant, a lecturer in soil science at Australia’s Southern Cross University explained that the Moon was heavy in minerals that bind tightly with oxygen.

Grant claims that, even if one ignores the oxygen tied up in deep, hard rock, the Moon’s regolith – the rocky top layer – which is easily accessible, could hold enough oxygen for eight billion people to live for 100,000 years.

The scientist’s calculation is based on the notion that humans need 800g (28oz) of oxygen a day to survive, and the regolith is some 10m (33ft) deep. He states that the Moon’s regolith is made up of 45% oxygen, all of which is tightly bound to minerals such as silica, aluminium, and iron and magnesium oxides.

Unfortunately, though rocks are not breathable, the process of extracting the vast quantities of oxygen from them is a straightforward process. “But there is a catch: it’s very energy-hungry. To be sustainable, it would need to be supported by solar energy or other energy sources available on the Moon,” Grant notes.

Grant’s article comes after the Australian Space Agency and NASA signed a deal in October to send a rover to the Moon with the objective of collecting lunar rocks and attempting to extract breathable oxygen from them.

The funny part is, if this were true, then in order to maintain the oxygen, we would have to have a lot of plants, which would mean that man would have to make… carbon dioxide. Plants can’t live without carbon dioxide.

Not one of these filthy faggots talking about global heating is going to explain to you why, if the 3.2% of the earth’s atmosphere’s carbon dioxide is produced by humans is deadly, we can’t get just increase plant life by 3.2% as a counterbalance.

But there’s a lot of obvious questions they won’t explain regarding their theory – such as how, if such a small fraction of greenhouse gases can drastically change the weather, that the weather isn’t shifting radically as a result of the changes in natural carbon in the atmosphere.

The point is: as long as “The Science” is talking about such obviously, blatantly ridiculous and farcical nonsense as global warming and the coronavirus, there is zero chance that it is going to do anything useful, like build a city on the Moon.