7-Year-Old White Boy Escapes Black Kidnapping Attempt

Daily Stormer
December 14, 2015


Blacks claim they are not homosexual pedophiles.

Is this claim accurate? Or is it a lie? Are they actually as obsessed with little boys as Arab men?


People in Liberty County are concerned after a man tried to kidnap a 7-year-old boy near his home Tuesday.

Investigators think the same man may have raped a woman and tried to kidnap another. The incidents happened in Dayton along County road 48-82 and FM 1413.

Heather Gordon has three children and like most, the thought of losing one of them is indescribable.

“At night I hold him tight because he could’ve been gone,” she said.

Investigators said 7-year-old Luke was walking down the road to a friend’s house when a red truck pulled up.

“The guy told Luke ‘Well come on, I’ll take you for a joy ride,'” Gordon said.

Detectives said the man grabbed the boy’s shoulder and tried to pull him into the truck and his mother saw it happen.

“I fell to my knees. I was shaking so bad,” Gordon said. “I was running down there crying, hollering his name, he wasn’t answering.”

Thankfully, Luke broke free and ran immediately to a neighbor’s home.

The description of the suspect and his red pick up is vague but investigators believe the man driving the car is also responsible for the rape of a 30-year-old woman somewhere along FM 1413, just west of Dayton.

Investigators said a man driving a similar pick up has twice tried to lure a woman into his truck while she was jogging near her home in Liberty.

“The similarities between the black male driving the red truck is so close and similar, it’s possible these three are tied together,” said Captain Ken DeFoor of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.

“My son is very terrified now to walk down the road,” Gordon said. She’s hoping investigators catch the mysterious man so her son can feel comfortable going outside again.