7 Reasons Multiculturalism is Worth a Few Dead Kids at McDonald’s

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 23, 2016

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Every time an axe rampage or a mass shooting takes place, a lot of people are all like “yeah but why are these people in our country though? what are they even doing here?”

It’s important for Germans to remember all of the benefits they are getting from the multicultural experiment.

There are more than 7 benefits, but these are the 7 we think are the most enriching.

#7. Paying the Pensions of Old White People

“Paying the pensions of old White people” has dropped on this list, given that it seems that most of the people coming in are illiterate and won’t be able to work, so will instead live on welfare for their entire lives. When Angela Merkel made the promise that the migrants would pay the pensions, she forgot to Google literacy rates in West Asia.

However, these Pakistanis, Afghanis and Arabs are also producing a whole lot of children – sometimes dozens each – which we should be able to teach to read.islam helper german Nursing-home-photo

A couple decades down the line, this new generation of Islamic Germans will be able not only to pay the pensions of old Whites, but also pay the welfare of other Moslems, who will by then make up the majority of Germany’s population.

#6. Feeling Good About Not Being a Racist

Sure, mass Islamic immigration is expensive, and results in untold human suffering. But it really is hard to put a price on the good feelings you feel when you realize people can’t call you a “racist.”


After all, axe wounds heal, and people whose children get murdered at McDonald’s can have more children, but being called a mean name by people you don’t know lasts forever.

#5. Avoiding Incest

Firefox_Screenshot_2016-07-23T10-37-12.366ZIncest=bad news.

Nuff said.

#4. Learning About Cultural Customs


There are so many interesting things that White Germans can learn from illiterate Pakistani men.

There are just so many opportunities for exchanges in customs and culture, it is hard to know where to start when making a list of these teaching moments. For one thing, they’ll be able to learn about the doctrines of Islam.

#3. New Sexual Adventures for Women

moslem haji

Most men are aware that women are fickle, however, they are not aware of what the word “fickle” means.

daily-stormer_140It is defined as “changing frequently, especially as regards one’s loyalties or affections.”

As such, women are in constant need of new sides to switch to, new sexual adventures to engage in.


By flooding Germany with an army of military-aged men from hostile, poverty-stricken third-world Islamic countries, we offer a whole new world of sexual opportunity to the women of the nation.

#2. Revenge for the Holocaust

Holocaust gas chamber

One of the biggest problems in Germany is that everyone is born responsible for gassing six million Jews in fake shower rooms and turning them into lampshades eight decades ago.

Because responsibility for this atrocity is genetically transmitted – “the sins of the father,” as they say – Germans are born with an existential crisis, where they need to figure out a way to take revenge on themselves for the Holocaust.

Short of simply shooting yourself in the head, a combination of not producing children and flooding your country with “refugees” is a perfect solution to this dilemma.

#1. Kebab

The number one reason for having millions of illiterate third world Moslems poor into your country and murder you on the street is ethnic cuisine.

In particular, kebab.


There is just no price that is too high – whether in dollars or in human lives – to pay for the widespread, easy availability of this cheap and delicious snack food.

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