69-Year-Old White Navy Vet Fights Negro Carjacker – Nog Still Escapes with His Vehicle

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
February 4, 2018

Sometimes even when you don’t relax it doesn’t go in your favor.

Still, the old man did well. This is how you should behave in these situations.

Fox News:

A 69-year-old Navy veteran refused to back down when a man stole his wallet and his truck at a gas station in Richland Hills.

Every morning, Allan Huddleston says he goes to get coffee from the McDonald’s near 820 and 121 and then goes to get a newspaper at the gas station next door. It was during his daily routine the morning of January 15 when police say he was robbed and carjacked.

Despite the veteran fighting off his attacker, the carjacker got away and dragged Huddleston as he sped off.

“No doubt in my mind he’s done this before,” Huddleston said. “This isn’t his first rodeo.”

Surveillance video shows it all. A man approached Huddleston at a Shell Gas Station along Airport Freeway in Richland Hills and asks for money and cigarettes. In reality, the man wanted his truck.

“He’s in my truck trying to drive off,” Huddleston recalled. “So I reach in there, and I grab him around his neck in a head hold, I guess you’d call it. I drag him out of the truck.”

Together, they fell to the ground fighting. The carjacker broke away, but he didn’t’ have the keys. The truck thief wouldn’t give up — but neither did Huddleston. Eventually, the robber was able to steal his wallet and keys.

Huddleston, who served in Vietnam, was dragged yards and broke a bone in his leg. Police say it’s fortunate the suspect wasn’t armed.