67,000 Criminals Released from Jail “Because of Corona,” NYC Shootings Up 21%, Break-Ins Up 38%

You may have heard that Coronavirus is a doomsday flu, but it is actually more like a magical bottle that grants politicians three wishes.

And they can use the last wish to ask for more wishes.

Did they want to shut down industry and basically seize the means of production because cow farts were melting ice caps, which were in turn causing polar bears to kill and eat penguins?


Did they want to release prisoners into your community, because putting people in jail for committing crimes disproportionately affects black people, who commit more crimes?


It’s literally anything they previously wanted to do anyway for another stated reason – but now, because of Coronavirus!

Conservative Review:

Is this the country for which our soldiers sacrificed their lives?

By now, most Americans are familiar with the shocking stories of everyday Americans getting arrested for simply opening businesses that don’t even attract large crowds. However, fewer are aware of the other side of this dystopian and tyrannical equation. As salt-of-the-earth small business owners are being marched into the jails, career dangerous criminals are being marched out of the jails and prisons in astounding numbers.

According to UCLA, which is tracking this data, 67,000 criminals have been released throughout the 50 states.  The majority of the criminals, 43,000 of them, have been released from the nation’s jails, and 24,356 were released from prisons.

Consequently, given that we know the shocking degree of recidivism even among criminals more carefully selected for release, we can add victims of crime due to coronavirus jailbreak as the latest long-term death toll from COVID-19, or at least from the governmental reaction to it.

Remember, this has nothing to do with fear of prisoners dying of coronavirus. Just a few hundred deaths have been recorded out of a population of 2.2 million inmates, lower than that of the general population. In most prisons, the overwhelming majority of those who got the virus have been asymptomatic and are now already immune and have been for quite some time. Thus, there is no reason to release large numbers of convicted criminals, most of whom are young and healthy.

This has everything to do with accelerating an already dangerous de-incarceration movement, which is why you shouldn’t hold your breath and wait for them to be re-apprehended after the virus burns out.

The recidivism of these people is unbelievable. According to the New York Post, out of the 276 shooting incidents in New York City so far this year, 19 percent of suspected or arrested gunmen having been released this year. Also, 13% of the incidents’ more than 315 victims were also out on parole. Thus, we have created a shooting war among released criminals. Ironically, they are much more likely to die from homicide than from the virus.

Overall, this year, shootings are up 21% in the city and break-ins have jumped 38%. As of just the first few weeks of the epidemic, the city released more than 1,500 criminals.

It’s not just other criminals who are victims of those released from prison. In Washington State, a career felon who was just released was arrested after allegedly attacking a woman on a hiking trail and nearly choking her to death. A man convicted of armed robbery was released early in Denver and is now accused of murdering a young woman less than a month after his coronavirus jailbreak.

It is hard to determine how much of the increase in violent crime and property crime is because of the release of thousands of experienced criminals for no reason, and how much of this is because of newly unemployed people resorting to crime.

You will have both.

Personally, I am relieved that the reasoning behind everything has been finally consolidated into one term: “Coronavirus.” In fact, it is fitting that its name is derived from the Latin coronam, crown, since it has, in fact, become the symbol of authority.

Funny coincidence, that.

It was, at any rate, mentally exhausting to have all these different reasons for things, and it lead to considerable stress and confusion. I think people will be much more at ease now that every possible thing that can be done is done for the same reason: Coronavirus. Now, we can never again be in a situation where we see anything that is happening, and not know why it happens.

If you are not chronically ill with compromised respiratory or immune function, you are much more likely to die as a result of this blossoming crime wave – with no end in sight – than are you likely to die of the flu.

But, look on the bright side.

If you do get murdered, they will record it as a flu death.