61% of French Believe the Great Replacement is Happening

Le Global Warmage, Les Hoaxexs

Germany may be just as bad as the Anglosphere (if not somehow actually worse), but you know who’s tapped in?

The French.

By the way – the Great Replacement is not really something you “believe in.” The question is more “are you aware of it?” and then “are you in denial about it?”

It’s not a secret, and it’s not a theory.

Free West Media:

A recent survey revealed that “more than six French out of 10 believe that the phenomenon of the Great Replacement will happen”.

Eric Zemmour and members of the National Rally see this survey as a confirmation of their notions on immigration. With a sample of more than 2000 people registered on the electoral rolls, the polling institute Harris interactive for Challenges asked about the possibility of a “Great Replacement” occurring in France.

It was described in this study as being the phenomenon of “European, white and Christian populations […] threatened with extinction following Muslim immigration, from the Maghreb and black Africa”. Among those who expressed an opinion on this question, according to this poll, 61 percent of them believe that it would happen.

At the same time, 67 percent of those polled said they were “worried […] about such a phenomenon”. Among the defenders of this theory, Eric Zemmour is one of the leading media figures. “The ideas that I espouse are now central in French society”, he noted on Twitter.

The MEP of the National Rally (RN), Jean-Lin Lacapelle, quipped in these terms: “The ‘Great Replacement’ is a fantasy for a large part of the political class, but a reality and a concern for a large majority of French people. […] Act or disappear!

Well, Marine Le Pen made the National Front much crappier and cucky then it was under her father, but the party still seems to be holding the line on immigration. They’ve also been very good on the lockdown and the forced vaccine agenda.

(It’s funny how a “fascist” group is so aggressive about supporting people’s freedoms while the “democracy” people want to remove freedoms, huh?)

The French are good about a lot of stuff, really. The thing is that they’re not so much in the conversation globally as most other European nations because they don’t speak English. They’re like the Italians. Actually, the Italians are even more hardcore on race stuff, but they speak even less English. But Italy is getting crushed with the vax – at least according to the English media.

I don’t think the French will succeed in resisting the agenda.

But they’re going to make more of a problem than the rest of the countries have made.

By the way, I’ve been looking for a place to put this meme, and I can’t find one.

But it seems to be a French meme.

I don’t know who John Le Bon is. But I’m guessing he’s French. And he’s based.

Here’s the meme of which I speak:

No one even knows what the GRANDDADDY HOAX even is.

For that matter, we don’t even know what the daddy hoaxes are.

But dinosaurs are just a teenybopper hoax to John Le Bon!

By the way: just an update on the John Le Bon situation: I went to his website, JohnLeBon.com, and this is the header:


I think I remember that he is a fakeologist.