60 Years After Genocidal Brown v. Board of Education Ruling, Media Demands More

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 18, 2014

These two children are exactly the same.
Don’t believe you’re lying eyes – these two children are exactly the same.

Celebrating the 60 year anniversary of the Brown v. the Board of Education, a Supreme Court ruling which demanded that Whites be genocided in order to sooth the hurt feelings of black people, the media took the opportunity to come out and say that it hasn’t gone far enough and that we needed further programs to force criminal blacks into the once-peaceful school environments of White children.

Across the board, Jewish media outlets and their confused black tools got together to complain about there being too many schools with a homogeneous racial population,

Here is one such news report.

And here you have some dyke woman in Denver demanding more genocide to make up for imaginary crimes.

And here is the First Gorilla ooking about it.

Of course, the problem here is that attendance to public schools is based on location.  Thus, in order to integrate the school system, we would need to integrate housing.

Slate informs us of the necessity of this final solution to not enough black people everywhere:

School segregation doesn’t happen by accident; it flows inexorably from housing segregation. If most black Americans live near other blacks and in a level of neighborhood poverty unseen by the vast majority of white Americans, then in the same way, their children attend schools that are poorer and more segregated than anything experienced by their white peers.

We could fix this. If the only way to solve the problem of school segregation is to tackle housing, then we could commit to a national assault on concentrated poverty, entrenched segregation, and housing discrimination. We could mirror our decades of suburban investment with equal investment to our cities, with better transportation and more ways for families to find affordable housing. And we could do all of this with an eye toward racism—a recognition of our role in creating the conditions for hyper-segregation.

What they are literally saying is that the government needs to start placing more free HUD-type housing for blacks in majority White neighborhoods. But they have been doing this for years, and the only thing that this results in is a massive drop in property value as all Whites with the financial means flee the area, so that they are not subjected to the massive increases in crime that the blacks bring to the area.

The alleged “race problem” is always somehow pushed back on to the evil White man. Reality is denied. The reality is that no White people in America want to live with blacks because of the way blacks behave.

The kicker here is that I don’t think there are hardly any blacks who actually like the idea of being force-integrated with Whites, which leads us to the question of why we are even discussing this as if it were a problem.

The only possible reasoning behind this continued agenda to force integrate the White people of this country with the lower races is Jewish reasoning.  The Jews, from the beginning, were behind the “black rights” movements, and have continued to push this on us without ceasing.  They do this because they instinctively understand that the higher the basic level of confusion and alienation in society, the easier it is for them to control and exploit the people.

This is the true face of integration:

Is that what you want for your children, White Man?