60% of Americans Think All Gyms Will Close Forever Because of Coronavirus

The overlords fear TESTOSTERONE.

One of the worst things about this fake pandemic is seeing just how effective the strategy of extending the lockdown little by little and bombarding people with sensationalist headlines was to get people acclimated to what the media and government call the “New Normal.”

We saw that 75% of Americans already think that life will never go back to normal, and now, a new poll shows that 60% think that gyms will go extinct!

The normalization of the insane changes brought in the name of the pandemic is really problematic. It shows that people have already given up.

Study Finds:

Home gyms may be the only gyms to survive the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new survey of 2,000 Americans. Respondents were asked about how COVID-19 has changed fitness, both now and in the future, and 60% expressed the belief that shared gyms will never return.

Before COVID-19, it was very common for people to visit their local gym a few times each week. Now three out of four respondents actually find it easier to reach their fitness goals from home.

Many assumed that lockdowns and quarantines would lead to mass weight gain and failed fitness goals. But 63% of respondents feel like they’ve gotten into better shape over the past few months. So, it seems many Americans just don’t think they need a gym membership anymore.

The survey, put together by Freeletics, also notes that 64% of Americans are more interested in home-fitness options and strategies than they ever were in the past. Many people are enjoying more free time due to the pandemic, which is perhaps why respondents report exercising an average of 25% more often than before the coronavirus emerged.

All in all, just under 70% of respondents don’t believe they need a gym membership to reach their fitness goals. More than 50% are planning on cancelling their current membership sometime soon.

But, why are Americans working out so diligently at home? Somewhat surprisingly, 52% said they’ve been keeping up with their fitness goals at home out of pure boredom. Others want to get in better shape (53%) or boost their immune system (43%).

Of course, many Americans have had to shell out some money to equip a new home gym. On average, Americans have spent $95.79 on their home fitness goals/environment over the past three months.

What are Americans buying? Most respondents spent their fitness budget on dumbbells, yoga mats, and resistance bands. Another 25% even bought an exercise bike and 21% purchased a treadmill or elliptical.

What about specific exercises? Regarding exercises they’re performing most often, respondents’ top answer is meditation (34%), then running (32%), walking (31%), yoga (29%), and pilates (24%). Other popular exercises include hiking (21%), outdoor biking (20%), and spinning (19%).

What a bunch of retards.

First of all, “meditation” isn’t an exercise and “walking” should be considered a basic feature of the human body, just like breathing. When you wake up and walk towards the bathroom, you’re not exercising — you’re doing the bare minimum required to exist on this planet, just like you do when breathing.

Second, none of those “exercises” that people report to be performing most often require a gym, so they’re not really replacing the gym with home workouts but doing an entirely different category of activities.

But we are forced to figure this out, aren’t we?

All you really need is a bench and a rack that allows you to do squats, and ideally also pull-ups. One rack is all you need.

A simpler rack like this will also work, though it does not have the pull-up bar.

If you get a rack that doesn’t allow you to do pull-ups, you’re going to need a separate pull-up bar, which you should be able to hang from a rafter in your basement.

You need:

  • Bench
  • Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Pull-ups
  • Row
  • Military press
  • The rest of the crap (sit-ups, curls, flies, reverse flies, etc.)

One rack with a pull-up bar or a rack and a separate pull-up bar accomplishes this.

If you follow the Stormer plan, your home gym will work better than the routines of the assholes who crowd up normal gyms.

As sad as it is that we can’t go to real gyms.