60 Minutes Interviews Trannies Who Regret Mutilating Their Bodies

This week on 60 Minutes, the horrible old Jewish woman Lesley Stahl went and interviewed reverse trannies.

I have no idea why Stahl did this report, but I salute her. She went and found a few of the very, very many people who have gone through tranny “transitioning,” and told the heart-wrenching stories of people who are permanently deformed.

One poor sonovabitch got talked into cutting his testicles off, and now he wants to kill himself because he will never be a man again. He said he had two appointments before they gave him the hormones; three months later they were cutting his balls off and mutilating his penis.

A woman talked about wanting to die after cutting her tits off.

Stahl even went through and showed that there is an entire industry on the internet encouraging vulnerable people to do this.

What the story shows is what we all already knew: children and other vulnerable people are preyed upon by homosexuals and callous “doctors” who are making huge money on this industry. Whatever you think of trannies, going to a doctor and saying “I don’t like my sex” and then being rushed through a series of insane medical procedures is absolute corruption.

Take it out of the political, and just think about the money. But of course, leftists don’t care about financial corruption anymore, or the exploitation of the vulnerable. All they care about is pushing a weird agenda to destroy society completely.

Tucker Carlson reported on the 60 Minutes report, and then interviewed a man who has gone through the same experience as these other reverse trannies.

What percentage of trannies that don’t end up committing suicide outright regret the decision to mutilate their bodies? Presumably all but a minor fraction. Just imagine getting depressed, being in an unsound mental state, and then being swarmed with “experts” telling you that your life will be great if you just cut your dick off.

This is all so horribly ghoulish. It is like something out of Hellraiser. It is truly incredible that people in society somehow think this is okay, and don’t speak out against it.

Now, of course, they are doing this to children – little children. As Tucker says, Joe Biden has said he wants to mutilate the genitals of 8-year-olds.

This is what happens when a society separates from God. You end up in a hell on earth.

Of course, all of the gay organizations came out and attacked 60 Minutes for reporting on this issue, claiming that the experiences of these people who are speaking out about regretting their decisions need to be covered up, because it could convince fewer people to do it. (Again, you have both the social agenda and the economic incentive on display there.)

Stahl has already issued a half-apology for the show, but she stood behind the report.

Again, I have no idea why she did this. My thought is that even though she’s Jewish, she is old, and she probably legitimately does think this is all very sick. I think it’s possible to be a liberal Jew and to also think that taking mentally ill people and encouraging them to cut their penises off is sick.

Fifteen years ago a feminist punk band called the Dresden Dolls did a song about tranny surgery regret, which was openly and aggressively against the sickening mutilation practice (which was just beginning in some cities among freaks back in the 2000s).

Here are the lyrics.

The band’s lead, Amanda Palmer, might not be Jewish but she was an ultra-leftist and married the uber-Jew novelist Neil Gaiman.

Point being: this was not something that really anyone on earth supported before the media and education system started ramming it down our throats around 2015, and then it jumped immediately to the children.

The fact that so many in our society are refusing to stand up and say this is wrong shows you that we are a society of cowards. It’s the same thing with the coronavirus hoax and vaccine, it’s the same thing with the stupid black racism gibberish – most people know this stuff is wrong, and yet only a fraction are able to risk what they have to stand against it.

Because they won’t risk anything, they’re all going to lose everything. There is an order to the universe, and evil is always punished. Those who abide evil are guilty of it themselves.