58% Want the Military Sent in to Stop Rioting Blacks

A poll on Tuesday showed that 58% of people want the military to be sent in to stop these riots, while only 30% oppose that agenda.

That is a very large percentage of people in support of the military being released on the streets of America.

As I have stated clearly: this is a setup.

The riots were created on purpose, a hoax to follow up the coronavirus hoax. The plan is to release the military on the streets, and then leave them there until fall, when they will be mobilized to enforce the second coronavirus hoax.

I don’t know how to make that any more clear. No one seems to be listening to me and everyone is just saying someone has to do something. And I don’t know what else can be done. If the cities and states are going to continue to refuse to let the police clear out the rioters, then all this does is make Donald Trump look weak and pathetic.

It’s a certainty that the military will be sent in. There is zero chance that won’t happen. So it doesn’t really matter. All of this has already been planned out, and we are just sitting here watching it like a movie. There will be places where it can come undone, but that won’t come until much later. Right now, all we can do is watch this unfold.

So I’m not trying to stress anyone out by saying that this is a hoax, and they want the military released, and once it is released it will be used against you as part of this flu madness police state agenda. All I’m doing is describing what is going to happen.

I don’t know if Trump’s resistance to releasing the military is because he knows what the plan is. I kind of doubt it. I think Tucker Carlson was right when he said that Jared Kushner is telling him not to do it because the blacks love looting and the blacks won’t vote for him if he stops them from looting.

But Kushner will eventually tell him to release the military. And then Kushner will tell him not to pull them out too soon. And then it will be “the second wave” of coronavirus, and Kushner will tell him we need the military on the streets to deal with that.

Then you’ll be living in a coronavirus lockdown that is enforced by the military on the streets. That is really going to be a bad scene.

But like I say: it is happening and there is nothing anyone can do about it.