550 African Migrants Attempt to Reach Italy, 400 Perish in Shipwreck

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
April 15, 2015

Here comes the diversity!
Here comes the diversity!

Yet another boat full of Africans made an attempt to reach Italian shores. And yet another one of them shipwrecked.

Approximately 550 Africans were on the boat; approximately 400 died.

Wall Street Journal:

The Italian coast guard couldn’t provide confirmation of the deaths.

The coast guard said Tuesday, however, that 8,480 migrants have been rescued since the start of last weekend. On Monday alone, the rescues involved people who had been traveling on 20 different vessels carrying migrants coming from Syria and sub-Saharan Africa. At least nine migrants on a boat off the coast of Libya drowned on Sunday, the coast guard said.

The growing number of deadly shipwrecks highlights the challenge Italy faces in coping with huge flows of refugees. The arrival of calmer spring weather has worsened the situation.

More than 170,000 migrants reached Italy last year, according to the Italian government, the vast majority from Libya, where a state of lawlessness has made it easier for human traffickers to bring them to the North African country and organize boat departures there.

I don’t care if many of them are escaping wars or instability. The problems of their host countries are not our problems. White nations like Italy should not have to bear the responsibility of accepting them; giving them free housing, healthcare, et cetera; and allowing them to further erode their racial and cultural fabric.

All such migrants ought to be deported back whence they originated, not brought in with open arms. It’s sort of similar to the situation in the U.S.—Mestizos are encouraged by their host countries to cross the U.S. border because of the U.S.’s open arms policy.

This madness desperately needs to cease.