Over 95% of Fed Workers Have Complied with Vax Mandate

People are such cowards.

They deserve this.

I hope they all die, slowly and painfully.


The Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for millions of federal workers seems to be working, with no apparent disruption to law enforcement, intelligence-gathering or holiday travel.

On Tuesday, one day after the deadline for compliance, 92% of the 3.5 million federal workers covered by Biden’s mandate reported to the government that they are at least partially vaccinated, according to White House officials.

The highest number of partial vaccinations by Tuesday was at the Agency for International Development, which had 97.8%, followed closely by the Department of Health and Human Services at 96.4% and State Department at 96.1%, according to data provided by the White House Wednesday.

Law enforcement agencies do lag behind in vaccines, with the Justice Department at 89.8%. The Department of Veterans Affairs is at 87.8% of partial vaccinations, though the Defense Department was 93.4% and the Homeland Security Department was 88.9%. The government office with the lowest number of partially vaccinated employees was the Agriculture Department, at 86.1%.

But overall, 96.5% of federal employees have been deemed in compliance with the policy, which also includes medical or religious exemptions that are still being evaluated. The rest are considered out of compliance, but officials emphasized that “it’s not a cliff,” and that workers will receive counseling to get vaccinated or file for an exemption. Only then would termination be considered.

We are seeing abysmal numbers among the military as well.

At least some of the truck drivers are holding the line.

Apparently, Google employees are also pushing back.

By the way – all of these companies are going ahead with the Biden mandate for private businesses, despite the fact that it’s currently held up in court.

Biden told them to just do it anyway, and they’re following orders.

We’re going to need some people left to build a new pureblooded society.