51% of Democrats and 25% of Republicans Think “Hate Speech” Should be Illegal

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2014

Someone has to stop these kikes.
Someone has to stop these kikes.

In America, a nation controlled by kikes and filled with niggers, wetbacks, hadjis, faggots and all manner of subhuman filth, it has come about that 36% of the people now support laws against “hate speech” – that is, words which could potentially hurt someone’s feelings.

This is according to a new YouGov poll.

Oh, America - Where art thou?
Oh, America – Where art thou?

I have little doubt that when the dyke whore Hillary Clinton takes office, she is going to begin pushing for a removal of our freedom of speech.  It is complicated, as the Constitution of these United States is so absolutely explicit in its guarantee of free speech.  But they will try nonetheless.

I will not get hysterical.  More than likely, it will fail, like the attempts of the nigger President to take our guns away failed.  But things are moving fast, and this sloppy dyke whore could make our site illegal in the coming years.  But that will simply send us underground, and make us all the more powerful.  I will run this thing from the jungles of Nigeria and bribe the militias to keep it a secret if I must.

SRSLY: Try it, dyke!
SRSLY: Try it, dyke!

Note: I don’t usually use the words “nigger” or “kike” on this site.  Here, it was necessary, to illustrate a point – that I have a right to if I want to kikes!  Try and stop me!