46-Year-Old Body Builder Dead of Heart Attack

You can’t just blame everything on the vaccine.

Steroids and HGH cause serious heart problems.


The bodybuilding world is mourning after former Mr Olympia champion Shawn Rhoden was reportedly found dead of a heart attack at the age of 46. Rhoden had made history by winning bodybuilding’s biggest prize in 2018.

The news of Rhoden’s death was confirmed by his trainer, Chris Aceto, while Generation Iron reported the cause was a fatal heart attack.

After turning professional in 2010, Rhoden rose through the ranks and was crowned Mr Olympia eight years later – at the age of 43 becoming the oldest man ever to win his sport’s most prestigious title.

In doing so, Rhoden dethroned the legendary Phil Heath, who had won the title for seven successive years.

Rhoden faced battles with alcohol and was caught up in controversy in 2019 when he was accused by a female bodybuilder of sexually assaulting her one year previously at a hotel in Utah. He was charged and banned from competing at Mr Olympia but the case was unresolved by the time of his death.

Rhoden’s passing is the second in as many months to hit the bodybuilding community after the passing of George Peterson at the age of 37 on the eve of this year’s Mr Olympia event in October.

Here’s Peterson:

Obviously, these people are very unhealthy.

While you shouldn’t blame literally everything on the vaccine, you have to look at the rising pattern of random people keeling over from heart attacks left and right immediately after this vaccine was widely distributed.

Yes, a steroid-using body builder is going to have a weaker heart than a normal 46-year-old, but what happens when you then give that person heart attack juice?

Obviously, not everyone taking the vaccine is having a heart attack. But you’d expect those most at risk before taking the vax to be the most likely to have an event after the vax.