Woman Sentenced to Prison for 7 Years for Using Ponzi Scheme to Scam Her Own Family

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 12, 2020

You can’t imagine ripping off family members in a Ponzi scheme because you’re not a woman.

The behavior of women is incomprehensible to most men, which is why they get away with so much.

Women will poop wherever they think they can get away with it, because women love defiling public spaces with their poop. “Spree pooping” is a term that was coined only because of women’s defecation habits.

Women will also rip off their closest friends and family members with Ponzi schemes if they see an opportunity to do so. They will spend their ill-gotten gains on dumb nonsense such as shoes while their family lives in squalor.

Fox News:

A Rhode Island property developer was sentenced Tuesday to eight years in prison for operating a multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme in which she scammed her friends and relatives.

Monique N. Brady, 45, of East Greenwich, used her property preservation and rehabilitation business to solicit investors for large-scale projects between 2014 and 2018, according to court documents presented in court.

Brady told the investors that the projects consisted of full-scale rehabilitations of foreclosed properties in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. She estimated the projects cost tens of thousands of dollars and promised investors they would receive half of the profits, the Department of Justice said in a press release.

But the projects actually cost far less than what Brady told investors. And in some cases, investors gave Brady funds for projects that did not exist.

The investors included friends and relatives, some of them of modest means, the Providence Journal reported, citing U.S. Attorney Lee Vilker.

“This was a particularly troubling and reprehensible case,” Vilker said. “We don’t have many cases where the victims are so close to the defendant – they were some of her best friends and loved ones – and she just really exploited their trust.”

Never get involved with a woman in business. At best, she is going to completely waste all the money and at worst, it was a scam from the beginning as part of yet another dumb plot.

Up until her mid-thirties, a woman’s primary means of bilking people is her vagina. After that, anything goes.