42% of Under-6s in West Germany are of Immigrant Origin

Diversity Macht Frei
October 18, 2018

White Genocide is proceeding apace in west Germany.

According to the German Federal Statistics Office, 1.4 million foreigners immigrated to Germany in 2017 and 885,000 left, leaving an net figure of 499,000. In the previous year, it was 635,000.

In each of the previous two years, Germany society gained more new members from immigration than from births of mothers with German citizenship. Federal Statistics Office figures show that in the federal states of west Germany, 42% of those under 6 years of age are of immigrant background.


It will probably take a new Führer to save Germany now. Maybe Frederick Barbarossa will return to save the country in its hour of need, as foretold by German legend, much like the King Arthur legend in Britain.

Otherwise a mud-spattered future beckons.