41-Year-Old NCIS Actor Dies of a Coincidence

It’s actually hilarious that the government is doing such a good job of covering up the tens or hundreds of thousands of deaths from the coronavirus vaccine that the only thing we can do to get an idea of how many people this is killing is to count the dead celebrities.

Most of the dead so far have been sports players, which is logical, since they are the ones that work their hearts the most, so they run into the effects earliest. Of course, many or most are getting this permanent heart damage, it’s just that it’s not going to be visible until they need to use their hearts.

Of course, some non-sports celebrities are dying as well. I wrote some good articles, which got some traction, about the computer programmer Dan Kaminski. The media had to respond.

There have been others.

Bob Odenkirk had a heart attack a few days after his second shot. People were getting seriously banned for asking about that.

Anyway. This guy.

NBC 4:

Hollywood has lost a star way too soon.

Heath Freeman, the actor who appeared in hit shows like “NCIS” and “Bones”, has died, his manager confirmed to E! News. Heath was 41 years old.

“We are truly devastated at the loss of our beloved Heath Freeman,” a statement from his manager read. “A brilliant human being with an intense and soulful spirit, he leaves us with an indelible imprint in our hearts. His life was filled with deep loyalty, affection, and generosity towards his family and friends, and an extraordinary zest for life.”

“He was extremely proud of his recent film work and was very excited for the next chapter of his career,” the statement continued. “His remarkable legacy as a son, brother, uncle, friend, extraordinarily gifted actor and producer, consummate cook, and man with the most infectious and spectacular laugh, will live on forever. May his memory be a blessing to all who knew and loved him.”

Obviously, they don’t love him very much, because they don’t care that his death is completely meaningless. If they cared about him, they would tell the truth about why he died, and then his death would mean something, as it would have an impact on the world.

But, no.

We get “coincidence” and then the story gets buried.

Just try to imagine how many people have died from this, based on the number of famous people who have died. Assume that 100% of deaths are covered up (you don’t have to assume, that’s just what’s happening). Then look at the total number of famous people, and consider that all active celebrities have been forced to take the vax. You’d be looking at probably 1 in 500, or 0.2%. That’s significantly higher than the death rate they claim for the coronavirus. And they admit that virtually 100% of the people who they claim “die from the coronavirus” are either obese or over 70.

But we’re “saving lives” by murdering tens of thousands of healthy young people.

They’re having a hard time censoring social media hard enough. Of course they could just ban everyone who says anything, but that becomes a bit too obvious. You might have people who are on the fence about the vax and then see someone get banned for asking a simple question, and that will put them over the fence.

Of course, this won’t matter much longer. Soon, they are going to have such a high percentage of people vaxed, and the non-vaxed so fully demonized, that the entire society will turn on anyone who dares to question the vax.

Understand that: when people submit to this, they are committed. They can’t go back. So they will turn against anyone who isn’t vaxed.

A lot of people are going to crack when winter comes and the hard times get here. You need to be ready for that. You need to have an exit strategy.