41% of College Students Believe Hate Speech Should Not be Protected by the First Amendment

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 1, 2019

…for now…

These results are quite what you’d expect.

They’re actually better than you’d expect, because usually it is only white people that believe in freedom of speech, and these universities are definitely not 58% white.

Daily Mail:

Some 41 percent of college students say hate speech shouldn’t be protected under the First Amendment, according to a new survey.

Just 58 percent said that hate speech should be protected under the amendment, which guarantees American’s a right to freedom of speech, according to the survey of 4,407 students by the Miami-based Knight Foundation.

In other news, we’re not officially casually including “nonbinary” data in polls.

Opinions split dramatically along gender lines, with just 41 percent of college women saying that protecting free speech was more important that inclusivity, compared to 71 percent of college men.

More than two-thirds (68 percent) of respondents said they felt that students can’t openly express their views due to a climate on campus that has people fearful of offending their peers.

Just 31 percent disagreed that such a climate exists.

These opinions of young Americans on the matter of freedom of speech are problematic – if well intended, said Ken Paulson, the director of the Free Speech Center at Middle Tennessee State University.

Protecting hate speech is actually the reason we have a First Amendment,’ he told DailyMail.com. ‘We don’t need protection for freedom of speech if everyone agrees with one another. The protection we need is for speech that others may find offensive.’

The report also found that more than half (53 percent) are in favor of protecting freedom of speech, while 46 percent say it’s important to ‘promote an inclusive and welcoming society.’

Jews lol

The survey also found that a majority of Mormon (81 percent), white evangelical Protestant (71 percent), white mainline Protestant (64 percent) and Catholic (62 percent) students felt that protecting free speech is more important than inclusivity.

By comparison, a majority of Jewish students (65 percent) and non-religious students (54) said that inclusivity is more important than free speech.

In addition, just 39 percent of college students knew that freedom of speech is protected by the Constitution, according to a separate 2017 survey of 1,500 students by the Brookings Institution and UCLA.

Some 44 percent said free speech was not protected and an additional 16 percent said they didn’t know either way.

Is any of this shocking?

  • 4 in 10 students say hate speech shouldn’t be protected speech
  • Most women prefer “inclusivity” over freedom of speech
  • Mormons and WASPs – the only original Americans – care the most about the First Amendment
  • Jews are the least supportive of free speech

As demographics continue to change, fewer and fewer people will support the First Amendment. Once the majority wants to abolish freedom of speech, the First Amendment will be… amended.

That is close to happening. College campuses are a good indication of future society-wide thought patterns. The Jews know the influential power of the university, which is why they’ve infiltrated it to push their destructive thought-viruses.

Women are drooling retards that crave being slapped in the face and told to shut the fuck up, which is why they don’t mind losing their ability to speak freely — they don’t have anything interesting to say anyways.

Jews and their puppets (the Godless, the hedonists, the analists and the progressives)… what a shocking surprise that they want to shut it down.