41 Counties Have Flipped to Majority Black and Hispanic Since 2000, Census Data Reveals

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 23, 2019

The infection gains momentum as it spreads.

Daily Mail:

The United States saw the number of counties that are majority Hispanic or black residents rise from 110 to 151 between 2000 and 2018, according to a new study of Census data.

The analysis released this week by the Pew Research Center identifies the 41 counties, the majority of which are found in the South and Southwest of the US.

Indigenous people also made up majorities in some of counties in the same southern areas, concludes the analysis. The report finds that non-Hispanic white Americans account for 60 percent of the US population.

Of the 41 counties, clusters appear in border states, including five in New Mexico nine in California, and 12 in Texas.

The counties represent just 5 percent of the total 3,142 counties in the US, and about half of the 293 majority non-white counties, a figure that includes counties where multiple racial and ethnic groups are combined to make a majority, Pew says.

The analysis includes only counties with a minimum population of 10,000 in 2018. The counties represent 77 percent of all US counties and and 99 per cent of the US population, according to Pew.

The number of Hispanic counties increased from 34 to 69 from 2000 to 2018, mostly in the South and West. The Hispanic population grew in all but four of the 69 counties, during the years studied by Pew, and those that experienced declines only saw small decreases.

No county that was majority Hispanic in 2000 fell below 50 percent.

Pew reports the trends are in line with the growth of the US Hispanic population, which reached a record 59.9 million in 2018, up 1.2 million over the previous year and up from 47.8 million in 2008, according to US Census Bureau population estimates.

Despite the increase, growth in the Hispanic population over the past decade had slowed due to a decline in Hispanic women who had given birth and decreases in immigration, another Pew analysis reports.

Until then, the Latino community had been growing at a faster rate because of high birth rates and immigration from Latin America, Pew says.

While the US black population has remained relatively unchanged over the last 20 years, Pew found that the number of majority black counties grew from 65 to 72 between 2000 and 2018.

A contributing factor, Pew says, is the migration of black Americans from Northern states to the South, and from cities to suburbs.

Ten counties with the highest shares of black residents residents reported in 2018 were Mississippi, which had seven, Alabama with two and Virginia, which had one.

Pew notes that the total number of black residents in the ten counties was about 70 percent or more.

Overall, Pew tallied 69 counties that were majority Hispanic, 72 were majority black and 10 were majority American Indian or Alaska native across the US in 2018.

There were no counties were Asians accounted for at least half of the population. In Honolulu County, Hawaii, the population was 42 per cent Asian, 9 per cent Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander.

You can read the full list of counties that turned primitive from 2000 to 2018 in the image below.

I have a story to tell you.

I come from a future where what was lost cannot be recovered, where the damage is too great to undo, where white people have retreated to a handful of relatively secure locations and became hostages in what was once their own country.

I have seen neighborhoods turn into ruins, the beautiful European architecture of both everyday houses and historic buildings turned into lifeless vertical rectangles and I have seen the intense green of parks fade out into dirt.

There is no way to win anymore. Demographics have changed too much.

But it’s not too late for America.

We can change things and build a new future, a better future.

We can build a future where white kids will grow up around white kids, where we focus our energy on spreading beauty and honoring Creation instead of wasting our efforts helping the monsters that hate us.

It is too late to save where I come from.

But I’ll be here for you, fighting by your side, so your homeland can escape the fate of mine.

We can avoid past mistakes by banding together as a people to create a better future.

Together, we can recover America.

Together, we can split the timeline.