40% of Americans Now Refuse to Get the Flu Shot

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 16, 2018

I go back and forth on the whole “vaccines=autism” debate.

In general, it seems more likely that autism is caused by plastic than vaccines.

However, it is certain that we are getting way, way too many vaccines, even if the concept itself is somehow correct.

And the flu vaccine is insane.

So 40% denying it – the population is getting woke.

FOX 2:

Have you gotten your flu shot this year?

If the answer is no – and I’m not getting one! – you’re not alone. A new study finds more than 40 percent of Americans have not been vaccinated and, in fact, don’t plan on it either.

This is despite the warnings, potential dangers, and last year’s record-number of flu deaths. The survey was done by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago.

People under the age of 45 were the least likely to report being vaccinated.

The top three reasons why they didn’t want the shot were: bad side effects; thinking they’ll get the flu from the shot; or thinking it doesn’t work.


Because people under 45 are the least brainwashed, and the most likely to be suspicious of the government/media alliance, which has now declared itself to be a religious-type authority.

Anything these people tell you should be suspicious based solely on the fact that they are telling you it.

Probably, not absolutely everything they tell you is some kind of lie or trick, but such a huge part of what they tell you is either a lie or a trick that if the government is telling you to do something, it is better to assume it is harmful than not.

Old people have been so conditioned to believe that the government is benevolent that they are unlikely to ever change their minds. And this goes for both liberals and conservatives. Just generally, older people have a kind of childlike faith that the government and media must be good, even if they disagree with some of what they say.

It is sad to see.

But they’ll all be dead soon.