40% of Adults Fear Climate Change Apocalypse, 83% of Them Say Fear Started After March 2020

The media and some spokespersons alleged to represent SCIENCE have been telling people that the planet is going to kill everyone. Now, a survey reveals that almost half of American adults are stressed about the idea of the planet killing everyone.

The mechanisms behind this are the same mechanisms behind the coronavirus mass schizophrenia phenomenon.

Study Finds:

Even with a pandemic, remote work, and isolation on their minds, plenty of people are still finding room to stress out about the environment. A new survey finds four in 10 Americans have experienced “eco-anxiety” since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The OnePoll survey of 2,000 Americans revealed half of respondents have experienced this feeling and 83 percent of those people said they felt it for the first time after March 2020. In addition to that, 75 percent of respondents who’ve ever experienced eco-anxiety — a chronic fear of environmental doom — said they’re currently experiencing it.

Commissioned by Avocado Green Mattress, the survey delved into the top reasons respondents are experiencing eco-anxiety and how these feelings are following them into 2021.

Sixty-four percent said the top cause of their eco-anxiety is the risk climate-related extreme weather like hurricanes, droughts, or wildfires poses to them or their loved ones. “Watching media coverage of climate-related extreme weather” (56%) finished in second place with “watching people not take environmentally-friendly actions in their day-to-day life” (45%) rounding out the top three.

All of the anxiety is caused by the media. The media is telling people that hurricanes, forest fires, earthquakes, volcanos, and so on – things that have always happened – are being caused by an angry planet that hates us for driving cars and eating meat.

What we are experiencing is an illusory, manufactured situation. If people snapped out of the panic spell, the power of the ruling class would fade away.

Consider the below description of a famous video game mechanic:

Fear (a.k.a. Sends Enemy Flee in Fear) is a type of Crowd Control effect in Diablo II and Diablo III.

The general concept is sending the affected enemy run in horror, unable to perform any actions, away from the caster or the fearsome object. If feared enemies are immobilized, cornered or otherwise cannot flee any farther, they just stand idle, effectively being paralyzed. Fear only prevents use of attacks and active skills; all other effects will work as normal, and some skills can be used while Feared.

Fear has no effect on bosses in both games.

The ruling elite are rapidly transforming the world and taking all of the wealth while the average folk stands still, fearing the wrong thing.