4-Year-Old White Boy Pulled from Bed in Home, Killed and Left in Road by Black Homosexual


The article should really be rewritten to include this, but I’ve had a long day.

The woman that was keeping the kid – she is the ex-girlfriend of the father, apparently – was in a drugs for sex deal with the gay black. According to a Facebook post from the cops which is not getting attention in the news,

That tweet has either been deleted or I just can’t find it on Facebook. That is really something exhausting, the way Facebook actively tries to crush the free flow of information.

I think it’s clear it’s a real screenshot, as it follows the story as we know it – the mom did say it was a mystery who took the child, even though she knew the gay black.

Anyway, there are sure to be more articles about this. I’ll figure it out.

Original article follows.

You remember that time a couple days ago when some black guy killed a four-year-old and he was being eaten by ants?

Remember how I just assumed he was black because it’s like a really black neighborhood?


I should have realized you wouldn’t be able to see ants on black skin.

It’s looking more and more like the blacks are moving into a bull market on killing random white people.

Right now they’re covering it up, but what are the chances the kid wasn’t sodomized?

More or less zero.

They’re covering it up now.

But the motive was definitely sodomy.

All homosexuals want to rape little boys and all black men are violent lunatics – it’s a recipe for disaster.

New York Post:

An 18-year-old man was arrested Sunday in connection with the death of a child who was found in the middle of a Texas street, police said.

Darriynn Brown is charged with kidnapping and theft, according to the Dallas Police Department, which said more charges are expected following forensic analysis. A police spokesman told NBC News that the teen, who was familiar with members of the household, took the boy from his residence.

The 4-year-old boy who was kidnapped from a Dallas home and murdered was randomly targeted in an “evil” act, according to a man who lived with the child — as court documents emerged revealing the existence of surveillance video showing the suspect swiping the child from his bed.

Cash Gernon was sleeping when a suspect, identified by cops as 18-year-old Darriynn Brown, barged into his home through a back door and kidnapped him on Saturday.

The boy was later found dead in the Mountain Creek neighborhood in southwest Dallas, with “multiple wounds” inflicted with what police describe as an “edged weapon.”

Kamron Moori, who told KXAS-TV he lived with Cash and considered him a brother, insisted the boy was targeted for no apparent reason.

“Yes, random. Out of nowhere,” Moori told the station. “No reason for none of this. It’s not from revenge, not from hate, not from none of that.”

“Like why?” he said through tears. “He was four. Who does this to a 4-year-old kid,” he asked. “For what? For what reason? Because you want to be evil?”

Home surveillance footage showed the suspect, later identified as Brown, swiping a sleeping Cash from his bed and carrying him away around 5 a.m. Saturday, according an arrest affidavit obtained by the outlet.

“We got cameras all over the place in my house,” Moori said. “It shows him coming in, took him while he was asleep. While he was asleep. Carried him out of my house while he was asleep.”

Brown is now charged with kidnapping and theft in connection to Cash’s death. He is being held on $750,000 bail.

Wait, bail????

In current year???

What, are they also planning to enslave him and make him pick cotton???

Here’s the home situation:

Moori said he went to Duncanville High School with the suspect, but that they are not friends.

Brown, who is known for walking around the neighborhood, is friends with Moori’s younger brother, he said.

Moori said his mother previously dated Cash’s father, who left the home several months ago — leaving the boy and his twin brother in their care.

It’s standard poor people stuff.

No one cares about poor whites, because they’re genetically evil.

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Much worse. 

As a genetically evil white, you may be feeling upset about a four year old white boy being murdered – presumably after being sodomized – by a gay black male.

I just want to remind you: you are personally responsible for the murder of George Floyd.

Each and every one of you whites – his sacred blood is on your hands.

George Floyd was literally like Jesus.

But seriously though: can you imagine whites continuing to bow down and worship the blacks when high-profile black-on-white child murders are happening every day?

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you’re not going to have to imagine it for much longer.

This is going to start happening every day, and white women are still going to tell you to get down on your knees and beg forgiveness for murdering George Floyd.

As you’re crying and begging forgiveness for George beside a pile of dead white children, the women will tell you to make sure your tears don’t cause your mask to slip off.

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Or: you’re going to have to not do that.

It’s your choice.

But understand: there is no more room for capitulation with these people.

We don’t have anything left to surrender.

RIP Cash.