39 Republicans Ask Jew William Barr to Ensure the Integrity of Elections (Spoiler: He Won’t)

Believing that William Barr is ever going to do a single thing to help America or Americans is like believing in Santa Claus, except much worse. If you believe in Santa Claus, nothing happens. If you believe William Barr is going to help you, you waste valuable time and energy that would just as well be spent bashing your head against a brick wall.

Nonetheless, 39 House Republicans are asking this disreputable fiend and outright devilman to do something about the integrity of our elections.

Protip: there is zero chance that he is going to do anything.

If he does do one single thing, it will be to respond to this letter and say that he agrees that it is very sad that Joe Biden is stealing the election. At the very best, he will get a warm welcome on Sean Hannity or Mark Levin and tell them how sad he thinks it is the election is being stolen. Then he will do nothing.

This is the pattern we’ve seen the entire time this man has been in office:

  • He said it was very sad that Jeffrey Epstein died in custody – then proceeded to do nothing.
  • He said it was very sad that Barack Obama spied on Donald Trump and that the entire Russia hoax was a gigantic scam from the beginning – then proceeded to do nothing.
  • He said that it was terribly sad that BLM and Antifa communists were rioting in every city in the country and burning everything – then proceeded to do nothing.

Frankly, he never even commented on James O’Keefe’s exposé showing that the biggest electoral fraud in history (before this year’s presidential election) was taking place in Minnesota on the watch of the Somalian invasion community. It sure would have been something if he would have pressed charges against the Somalians for that theft, because so much of it had to do with absentee ballots and it really would have put the spotlight on this presidential election hoax – but that one he didn’t even comment on.

The man is the epitome of a useless fat Jew.

Frankly, it is shameful that these Republicans would humiliate themselves by asking this man for a single thing.

The letter was signed by:

Reps. Michael Cloud; W. Gregory Steube; Bob Gibbs; Bill Posey; Ralph Norman; H. Morgan Griffith; Jeff Duncan; Ted Budd; Mark Green; Andy Harris, M.D.; Scott DesJarlais; Dan Bishop; Jody Hice; Mike Kelly; Randy K. Weber; Brian Babin; Chip Roy; Robert E. Latta; Ben Cline; James Comer; Guy Reschenthaler; Warren Davidson; Scott Perry; Rick Allen; Roger Marshall, M.D.; Doug LaMalfa; Bill Flores; Bill Johnson; K. Michael Conaway; Kevin Hern; Glen Grothman; Tom Emmer; John Joyce; John W. Rose; Lance Gooden; Jodey Arrington; and Dan Crenshaw.

I’m not surprised Dan Crenshaw was involved. He enjoys being humiliated by Jews.

The weird pervert lost his eye fighting wars for Jews, and instead of getting a glass eye like a normal person, he wears a big eye patch to show the world: “I have given parts of my body to the Jewish race, and I’m ready to give them even more.”

Frankly, he appears to have already given them his jawline.