376 Goblins Gang-Rape Young Border: “Migrants” Tunnel Under American Border, Then Turn Themselves In

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2019

Goblin miners have lent their tunnel-digging expertise to help get goblin refugee asylum-seeking persecuted neuron powerhouses into American soil. We should be thankful for them being so dedicated in their quest to help our economy grow despite our stubbornness.

ABC News:

The largest single group of asylum seekers ever to cross into the U.S. tunneled beneath the border wall near San Luis, Arizona, on Monday, voluntarily turning themselves into Customs and Border Protection, according to the agency.

It’s known that they’d rather do something to get caught by American authorities than wait outside the United States for their “asylum” claims to be processed.

They’re just exploiting a very dumb set of rules that produces situations like this one, where we don’t want them in but we have to stop them before they get in because if they get in, they get a court citation or whatever and they’re allowed to stay inside. It doesn’t make any sense. What would make sense would be to kick them out after they get in.

Migrants can be seen marching toward Border Patrol agents by the hundreds, according to video obtained by ABC News. Smugglers dug a series of seven holes, only a few feet long beneath the steel border fence, with hundreds going beneath the wall and a smaller number clambering over it, according to CBP.

The fresh sand and scuff marks of shoes on the rusty steel were still there when ABC News visited the site on Thursday.

The agency says 179 of those who crossed were children, including over 30 unaccompanied minors — children under 18 traveling on their own.

CBP Yuma Border Sector Chief Anthony Porvaznik said his unit needs better border barriers, but more urgently it needs funding to provide for these families.

Is he crazy? Why should Americans provide for the invaders they very clearly don’t want to let inside? These “people” just violated our law and literally raped our border, and we’re supposed to provide for them because there’s brown children there?

That’s our No. 1 challenge that we have here in the Yuma sector, is the humanitarian problem,” Porvaznik said. “As I mentioned, 87 percent of the apprehensions here are family units and unaccompanied alien children.”

Humanitarianism means giving stuff away to subhuman creatures, which means committing suicide, which in turn means killing the planet, because we’re the only ones that care about the world.

Gibs for the sin-skinned means fomenting Chaos and destruction.

In my 30 years with the Border Patrol, I have not been part of arresting a group of 376 people,” Porvaznik said. “That’s really unheard of.”

Things are going to get weirder and times are going to get harder. The invaders already claimed the invasion won’t stop until all their problems are solved, but they carry their problems in their blood, so the invasion will continue until either we put an end to it for good, or we’re gone.

What is it going to be?

The stuff we’ve been doing so far hasn’t been very effective. The stuff Trump has been doing so far hasn’t been very effective either. We have to shift the conversation away from legality, away from illegal immigration, away from legal immigration, and towards immigration itself.

This isn’t a country of immigrants. The fact that immigrants came at one point and contributed something good doesn’t make immigration itself good. It’s always about the people. This is a country of its people, the American people. The real American people are free white persons of good character.

The time for immigration has passed. We already have white countries, we just need to remove the sin-skinned filth from them. There’s no need for immigration. If the argument somehow is that we need more people, then we can make more people, we can make actual Americans instead of polluting the country with the scum of the world.

Make America America Again.