37% of Gay Men Admit Molesting Minors

Pro-White Party
January 21, 2014

Boy Scout molester Larry Calabro.

Very few websites actually deal with the facts surrounding homosexuality. Instead, a sanitized picture of an unrealistic Gay lifestyle is presented on sitcoms and the mainstream media. Gays are portrayed as “cute, funny and harmless.”

Several studies suggest that Gays commit about 33 to 40 percent of all the child molestation in America. Some notable celebrities crossed paths with Gay child molesters. Radio personality and Ronald Reagan’s adopted son, Michael Reagan, was molested at a summer camp. The ordeal caused him considerable trauma which took years to overcome. Another victim was Art Bell’s son, who was seduced by a homosexual teacher, who used drugs to help confuse his victim. Art Bell’s son was also infected with HIV.

A pro-family website which can be found here has a wealth of REAL information about homosexuals. Actual statistics and even surveys taken of the homosexuals themselves. The truth is that child molesting is like an epidemic among them.

Even though some surveys say Gays commit 33 percent of child molesting, victims of this crime are very reluctant to come forward. It is a fact that many victims of Gay molestation take decades before they can talk about it. This suggests that the molestations by Gays may be much higher, possibly a majority of child molestation in America.

The Kinsey Report was a relatively sympathetic report on homosexuality. What’s fascinating about that report is that the Gays themselves were admitting back in 1948, when their “lifestyle” was extremely taboo, that they were seducing underage boys. If 37% of homosexual men admitted such behavior back then (which is basically admitting FELONY behavior), it seems reasonable to suspect that the actual percentage of homosexuals who molest children is really much, much higher.

The Family Research Institute reports “The 1948 Kinsey survey found that 37% of the gays and 2% of the lesbians admitted to sexual relations with under-17-yr-olds, and 28% of the gays and 1% of the lesbians admitted to sexual relations with under-16-yr-olds while they themselves were aged 18 or older. (18)”

“In 1970 the Kinsey Institute interviewed 565 white gays in San Francisco: 25% of them admitted to having had sex with boys aged 16 or younger while they themselves were at least 21. (19)”

“In The Gay Report, 23% of the gays and 6% of the lesbians admitted to sexual interaction with youth less than 16 years of age. (20)”

“In France, 129 convicted gays (21)(average age 34 years) said they had had sexual contact with a total of 11,007 boys (an average of 85 different boys per man)…”