3,500 More Vibrant Colorfuls Arrive in Italy

Daily Stormer
June 7, 2015

Great news, everyone!  Just when you thought the flow had stopped, and the vibrancy would be stamped out like a blossoming rose under the heel of an elephant, God Himself has sent us yet another full load of diverse color!

3,500 new arrivals in Italy!

Just look at their happy faces!

Important Note: if you want to get the best look at these happy faces, put this video through some kind of infrared filter as it is very difficult to see an expression on a face that is this black

It is humbling and comforting to know that the next generation of Europeans will be almost entirely made up of Black Africans.  It truly shows how far we have progressed beyond the hatreds and evils of like, 10 or 2 or 70 or 2000 years ago or whatever.

God Bless the Italian Navy for having the courage and the morality to ensure that the future of Europe will only be seen at night when it smiles.


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