Sweden: Nordic Resistance Movement Leader Tells RT Hitler was a “Very Very Good Person”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 26, 2018

I’ve been meaning to say that people got mad at me for telling Swedes to vote for Sweden Democrats, because the Nordic Resistance Movement is running candidates.

And yes, I agree – vote for them if you can, because it makes the same point. The point is to make a point, since SD isn’t going to be the government anyway, even if they get the most votes, because that isn’t how the parliamentary system works.

My point was simply that young people need to get out and vote. Mostly, they don’t. And all of you need to be getting your friends to vote. Driving them to the polls and so on if needed.

And if you have friends who are not as hardcore but are fed-up with immigrants, just make sure they at least go and vote for SD.

Just vote for someone who is against immigrants.


RT’s interview with the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Swedish leader Simon Lindberg went from migrant talk to a shock endorsement of Adolf Hitler’s policies and blaming of Jews. His party is about to run in the general election.

The Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) held a rally in Stockholm on Saturday, facing off counter-protesters, who decried its members as neo-Nazis. The pan-Nordic group was registered as a political party in Sweden back in 2015 and is now readying for its very first general election in two weeks.

Lindberg described the ultimate goal of the NRM as “securing the existence of our people.” The phrase is an apparent nod to the so-called ‘14 words’ slogan, coined by David Lane – notorious white supremacist and neo-Nazi from the US.

“We want to take back the country from the traitors at the parliament,” Lindberg told RT’s Maria Finoshina, claiming that “between 20 and 30 percent of the inhabitants in Sweden is non-European.” The Swedes are soon to become a minority, the NRM leader believes, and eventually even can “cease to exist” in their own country.

“It’s already too late to just stop the immigration. We must kick them back,” he added.

Members of the NRM do not like being described as neo-Nazis, branding those who call them so “brainwashed,” but at the same time do not hide their fondness for the policies of National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP), better known as the Nazi Party of Adolf Hitler. But Lindberg went even further, and didn’t shy away from praising Hitler personally and on camera.

Calling the Nazi leader “a very very good person for German people,” he claimed that Hitler “freed Germany from the globalists and the bankers, that have a grip over Sweden today.”

These are obviously all the correct positions.

But it is a monumental thing that SD is even at the popularity level they are at with all their cuckoldry.

Anyway, this is also good for SD – if NRM gets a bunch of votes or even some votes, it will make SD look more reasonable by comparison.

So if this situation was in America, yes, I would be telling people to vote for SD instead of NRM. But again – for those of you who are Americans and don’t know – all the different parties will align against an anti-immigration party, so even though SD will get the most votes, they are not going to be the government.

So you might as well vote for NRM, because this is really just about making a statement. The party leader is probably going to be arrested for this RT interview, but whatever. They’re not going to have some overwhelming number of votes, but the more the better.

But please Swedes: go vote, and get your friends and family to vote. This is a big deal. Don’t be so black pilled and apathetic that you don’t go vote, or you just deserve these niggers.