Who Will Protect You When the Diversity Wars Come?

Diversity Macht Frei
May 8, 2018

The British Ministry of Defence bureaucrats have come up with a new slogan so pithy, yet pregnant with profound wisdom, so insightful in its thoughtful diagnosis of the human condition, that they must now be considered serious contenders for a future Nobel prize for literature: “Diversity is Good”.

Religions burn through civilisations then remake them in their own image. And it’s not always an improvement. We saw that in the past, for example, when Islam obliterated the distinctiveness of the Berber peoples or of Persian civilisation. Now Europe and its diaspora are living through the same process as the Religion of Equality burns through everything we once were. Its mantra, Diversity, insists that the normal mechanisms we employ to identify merit have somehow failed and must be replaced with legislative, or other rule-based, prescriptions that elevate under-represented segments of the population.

But if the merit identification process had been working correctly all along, this new rule-based procedure amounts to a systematic rewarding of incompetence and failure – survival of the Unfittest, you might say.

Jobs aren’t just sinecures. Appointing less able people to critical roles ultimately translates into some real-world effect. A Diversity Bridge is more likely to fall down. A company with a diverse corporate board is less likely to survive and thrive.

And a diverse army is less likely to win wars.

In this video we see a female soldier breaking down when her officer shouts at her as she tries to complete a training course. The officer is now being hunted down and will undoubtedly be disciplined, perhaps dismissed from the service. For doing his job. Soldiers need to be toughened up to fight wars. And the people who can’t hack it need to be weeded out before they arrive on a battlefield and get themselves and others killed.

This woman breaks down in tears because her officer is shouting at her. Imagine it was a real war with jihadis waiting to rape her and behead her. What would she be like then?

One of the last best hopes of the European people surviving is a military takeover once the Diversity Wars start or diversity-driven disorder makes them ungovernable. But if the military, too, is corroded from inside, that prospect of salvation fails.

See the full Ministry of Defence Diversity YouTube video list here.