30 Blacks Brawl Inside Walmart After Girl Gets Rude Fashion Comment

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 6, 2016

It is so, so funny to watch these news reports where they talk about Blacks without mentioning race.

Thirty Blacks got into a fight at a New York Walmart after a Black girl got angry about a comment someone had made about her fashion.

What does a White person think when they see this?

Can you imagine White people getting in a 30 man brawl in a Walmart? No one can even imagine it. The concept is insane. Like something out of a Leslie Neeson movie.

But with Blacks, we’re supposed to see this and be like, “hmm, interesting that raceless humans engaged in this behavior,” or if we have a glitch in our programming, and do notice that they are White, we are to be like, “ah well, I guess they did it because of slavery hundreds of years ago.”