3-Year-Old “Border Crosser” Refugee Falls Off Smuggler’s Ladder at Border Fence

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 30, 2019

These invaders are still getting in every day, and that’s bad, yes, but at least they produce this kind of funny incidents. It could have been funnier though but unfortunately the girl survived.

AZ Central:

A 3-year-old girl traveling with her mother and a large group of asylum-seekers sustained minor injuries after falling 16 feet from the top of the border fence east of the San Luis port of entry.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection on Monday released a video showing the moment the girl falls to the ground as another person, presumably her mother, tried to climb down the bollard-style fence on the U.S. side.

“I don’t know if the mother was with the child,” said Jose Garibay, Border Patrol’s Yuma Sector spokesman. “But in the video you can see that the child actually falls from almost the top of the border wall and lands on the ground and may or may not have tried to be stopped by the individuals who are in the group.”

Garibay said he didn’t have specific details about the types of injuries the girl sustained. But he added that agents called paramedics to treat the girl’s minor injuries. They cleared her on the spot and released her back into agents’ custody.

The girl and her mother were traveling in a group of 49 migrants. With the help of two smugglers, they used a ladder to scale the fence just past midnight on Sunday, about three miles east of the San Luis commercial border crossing.

At the end of the clip, the two presumed smugglers are seen running away from the fence with the ladder in their hands.

We should have drones ready to strike these smugglers. Burn the beans.

They literally breach the American border with an invading force and they leave with impunity. No consequences.


Why are we not retaliating?

It’s not only about our borders. It’s about everything we have. Even if these creatures find a job, it’s one less job America has available for Americans. Everything they get in America is taken from Americans. They are ravaging our pool of available opportunities and resources.

According to CBP, agents in Arizona and in south Texas have apprehended and processed 53 groups larger than 100 migrants since October. They’ve also hospitalized more than 2,200 border crossers since December.

Oh, it’s “border crossers” now, huh? Not even “undocumented border crossers.”

More than 2,200 invaders hospitalized in about two months, and you know who’s paying those bills, right? You are paying those bills. Your family is paying those bills. Your people are paying those bills. Your future is paying those bills.

This is like someone breaking into your home after you very clearly told them they were not invited and that they were not allowed in, getting hurt, and forcing you to pay for their medical bills.

But it’s The Right Thing To Do, you know?

It’s who we are. 

We do things The Right Way in America.

Fence-related injuries, not common in the Yuma area, are on the rise, according to sector officials.

Great. More bills to pay.

On Dec. 7, a 14-year-old girl was hospitalized in Phoenix with several broken vertebrae after falling off the fence and landing on her back. A 17-year-old girl also injured her ankle during that same incident.

That sounds expensive.

Lucky for her, you are paying for it.