Antifa Faggots Declare They’ll Murder Anyone Who Questions the Government or Media

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 23, 2018

The problem that Antifa has is that everyone hates them. The biggest problem that they have is that the youth hates them, and their entire business model is based on appealing to the youth.

They should have tried harder to be cool. I guess. I don’t really know that it is possible for anything so humorless to be cool.

But they have become the kings of cringe. Ninnying is the epitome of unhipness. And for a group that claims to be “rebellious” (while openly being the footsoldiers of the establishment), being unable to be edgy or sexy is a deathblow.

They are being mocked, nonstop, by the cool kids. You can’t really come back from that.

But they’re trying to come back from it by saying “we will literally kill you for speaking out against the government and multi-national corporations.”

Fox News:

Oregon anti-fascists say they have gone as far as memorizing a resident’s dog-walking route in their mission to protect a community from a “dangerous person who lives with them.”

The claim was made by a member of the Portland-based Direct Action Alliance to a Sky News reporter that spent time with the group. The reporter was with members while they posted flyers in a neighborhood to identify an alleged white supremacist who lives in the area.

“That’s what this is, is letting the community know that there’s a dangerous person who lives with them and so they can take the proper precautions to protect themselves,” said a member who went by the name of Jacob.

The Sky News report, published Monday, said about 10 hooded and masked members of the group stapled ‘fight racism’ posters to lampposts and glued them to the street. The report gave nicknames or pseudonyms to every person that spoke to them.

Please note:

We use fake names because we will be fired from our jobs and harassed by the feds.

They use fake names because they are afraid of getting made fun of on the internet.

Jacob told the news outlet that other activists did “necessary reconnaissance” and figured out the man’s dog-walking route and where he buys his milk.

“What Antifa is, is basically community defense, what we do is make sure the people in our community are safe,” he said.

“The Trump presidency has really wakened a lot of folks to realize… white supremacy isn’t over, racism isn’t over,” he added.

This is Orwellian language.

I have been repeatedly death-threated by Antifa, everyone knows that Antifa attacks people on the street.

In now-deleted Gab post (archive link), Antifa journalist from Newsweek threatens to send people to get me.

And yet the Alt-Right, which has been convicted of no violence ever, and which everyone knows purposefully avoids any violence ever, is called “a threat the the community.”

Another told the reporter the group will do whatever it takes to get rid of white supremacists.

“We can’t give fascists an inch or they will take a mile, we’ve seen that before in Europe,” the Antifa member said, “they have to be quashed when they are small and by any means necessary.”

They won’t say “Holocaust” anymore because we’ve successfully made that the cringiest thing EVAR.

But their ideology is that if people have free choice about what they believe, Jews will be gassed. Antifa is a Jewish defense group. That is what it was founded as and it is what they currently do.

They prey on loser-type white guys, mostly the autistic, who feel it will be empowering to randomly attack people in order to protect Jews and brown people.

Of course, we know that their ideology will fall apart under any form of scrutiny. Which is why they plan to kill anyone who puts them under scrutiny. Which is why the entire Jewish media defends them as “counter-protesters.”

No matter how many people they hurt, no matter how much private funding they get, this is going to fall apart.

Because it’s fucking gay.