Eliza Dushku Accuses Presumably Jewish Hollywood Figure of Molesting Her When She was 12

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 15, 2018

Actress Eliza Dushku has posted on Facebook about being sexually molested by a stunt expert on the set of True Lies when she was 12.

I assume this is probably true. If she was going to do this for attention, why would she not do it to someone more famous?

(Her father was Albanian, in case you’re wondering about that name.)

When I was 12 years old, while filming “True Lies”, I was sexually molested by Joel Kramer, one of Hollywood’s leading…

Posted by Eliza Dushku on Samstag, 13. Januar 2018

“Joel Kramer” is a very Jewish name.

Someone should be able to dig up whether or not he actually is Jewish. I’ve seen discussions of it on 4chan.

Almost everyone on the Wikipedia page for this last name is Jewish and this is the description they give of the name:

Kramer /ˈkreɪmər/ is an occupational surname of Dutch or Low German origin (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈkraːmər]) or it is derived from the High German surname Krämer (German pronunciation: [ˈkʁɛːmɐ] or [ˈkʁeːmɐ]).

In Middle Low German in the Late Middle Ages, Kramer only referred to a traveling merchant. The meaning later changed to “merchants trading with different, rather small things”.

This is one of the first really damning child molestation allegations laid directly at an individual that we’ve seen in the Metoo Age.

And it’s a good thing. Not a good thing that she was child-molested by a kike, but a good thing she came out with it right now.

Metooism was losing steam.

This story about the Paki comedian Aziz Ansari could perhaps have been the shark-jump.

That story is this:

  • Approached him at an event, pressured him into talking to me
  • Started texting him
  • Went on a date with him
  • Went back to his apartment already half drunk, then got drunker
  • He kissed her, performed oral sex on her, she did the same to him
  • But she felt uncomfortable during it
  • Then she got naked with him and still felt uncomfortable
  • So she left

It is pure “oh my God what a creep.”

This Paki obviously is a creeper, but what the fuck is this? You go to his home and can leave at any time but choose not to and then feel “violated”? And that is “sexual assault”?

By all means, get this Paki fired – I’m all for it – but we need to keep this train rolling on and if we start getting too much stupid shit like that in the headlines we are going to derail.

Basically the media appears to be trying to bury Dushku with this Ansari story.

No dice, kikes.

We’ve known where we were going with this for a long time: exposing a gigantic kike child molestation industry.

We need more kike child molestation stories, stat.