France: Man Arrested for Trying to Climb Tower and Take Down “He Will Not Divide Us Flag”

Diversity Macht Frei
October 19, 2017

“He Will Not Divide Us” finally “found refuge” in the Lieu Unique in Nantes at the beginning of the week. The small white flag floats above the LU tower, filmed continuously, and there again the site has been targeted: intimidations and calls to take action on internet forums and social networks. A young man has already been arrested because he tried to climb on to the roof of the LU to lift the flag.Other calls to do the same thing are also circulating on the social networks.

Patrick Gyger, director of the Lieu Unique was expecting this kind of thing. IT security has also been reinforced, even for the building. “We have also secured access points to the roof as much as possible and the dome with barrier tape and panels that say ‘Danger of Fatality’.” Because the LU director’s greatest fear is that someone falls several dozen metres and kills themselves falling through the glass roof. “There was a reason why we installed the flag with a crane. You can’t climb that high, it’s too dangerous,” continues Patrick Gyger.

Otherwise, “there is no question of allowing ourselves to be intimidated,” for the director of the Lieu Unique. “The work will remain for as long we think that it can do so in good  conditions”. And too bad if negative reviews are accumulating on trip rating sites like Trip Advisor or the Google search engine. “Our intent is absolutely not to provoke,” continues Patrick Gyger, “but to permit expression to artists who found themselves censored due to threats against their work.”

And he prefers to highlight the positive reactions that the installation of the flag has provoked: “people are writing to us from across the world to congratulate the artists and to say that, faced with an intent to divide us, the population must remain united. Whether this is in the USA with Donald Trump or elsewhere in the world,” he concludes.


Calling it a work of art is ridiculous. The average Alt Right meme has more artistic merit than La Joeuf’s flag. But we should put this respect for threatened artworks to the test. Create a DailyStormer flag and put it up somewhere. Stick a webcam on it and see how long it lasts. When they take it down, ask this same guy if he will host the threatened Stormer art.