Sweden: Moslem Rushes the Cops with Large Knife of Peace

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 31, 2017

For those who say “Islam is a religion of randomly stabbing people whenever,” I say to thee: “nay!”

Random stabbings have no religion.

The majority of random stabbings are done by white racists. It’s a statistical fact.

Remember Dylann Roof?

That’s what I thought.


A police officer has been injured in a reported knife attack in central Stockholm. Police have detained the suspected assailant and said the attack was “completely” unprovoked.

The reported stabbing took place at around 10:40am local time on Thursday at Björns Trädgård park, just across the road from one of the largest squares in the Swedish capital, according to local media reports.

A police officer received“non-life threatening injuries” after reportedly being stabbed in the neck with a knife, according to national broadcaster SVT.

“As it seems right now, it was completely unprovoked,”said Stockholm police spokesman Lars Byström.

Officers arrested one man in connection with the attack and launched a preliminary investigation on the basis of attempted murder.

Witnesses say that they saw police officers detaining a man in his 30s after the incident as the entire area was on lockdown, Aftonbladet newspaper reported.

Stockholm police confirmed the attack to RT and said that one officer was hospitalized. They did not confirm whether the attacker had a knife or any other details of the incident as the investigation is ongoing.

“One police officer has been attacked, he was sent to the hospital, but I suppose he will leave the hospital very soon, so it wasn’t so bad,” a police spokesperson told RT.


Not so bad.

No biggie.

Unlike in Charlottesville, where a Nazi with road rage caused a fat woman to have a heart attack. That my friends was the worst thing that has ever happened in all of human history. At least since Donald Trump was elected President by gay-basher Vladimir Putin.

Besides, cops deserve to be stabbed anyway, after what they did to Trayvon and Michael brown. Two innocent little children taken down in the prime of their life for no reason other than that whites hate the color of their skin.

It’s time we take down the real terrorists: white people.

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