250,000 Expected on the Streets of France This Weekend

It could be 250 million and it wouldn’t stop the government.

However, this is the stuff revolutions are made of. And if anyone is going to do it, it would be the French.


At least a quarter of a million people in France are expected to take to the streets over the weekend to protest controversial anti-Covid measures, local media have said, citing a police intelligence note sent to the government.

The number of French nationals openly disagreeing with the recent introduction of a so-called ‘health pass’ in the country has doubled since mid-July, with the movement showing no signs of running out of steam, police intelligence services have reportedly warned the government. In a note sent on Thursday, France’s central territorial intelligence said it estimates that at least 250,000 people will rally over the weekend, Franceinfo’s Radio France reports.

Many families are set to participate, intelligence analysis has shown, with parents being “generally fed up” with school closures during the pandemic and uncertain of health rules at educational institutions at the start of the new school year.

Nearly 200 protests have been already planned throughout the country for the weekend, with the anti-health pass movement said to be especially active in the south of France, the intelligence note reportedly warned, calling for further mobilization of law enforcement. While the protests are expected to be peaceful, some “ultras both from the left and right” might join in, authorities said, with “professional agitators” trying to infiltrate and possibly stage provocations.

This week, the country will see its fifth weekend of mass protests condemning the government’s toughening of anti-coronavirus restrictions on the unvaccinated. When the ‘pass sanitaire’ (health pass) to enter certain venues and institutions was introduced in mid-July, around 114,000 people took to the streets during the following weekend, according to official estimates. Last week, the number of protesters climbed to more than 237,000 throughout France, with participants saying the new measures – set to be in place until at least November, offend their personal freedoms – valued in the European country since its 1789 revolution.

Yes, the whole conception of the modern French state is based on personal freedom.

It will certainly be interesting to see what happens when they realize that the government is not making these decisions based on public opinion.

Probably, most of them have already realized that.

The problem is, people who are already vaxxed are committed. They can’t really come out against it, and they can’t support a revolution against it.

It would be so wonderful if they all just died quickly.