25% Vaxed Bulgaria Makes Covid Pass Obligatory for Leisure Activities

Well, this isn’t good

With only 25% of its population having taking at least one Covid shot, Bulgaria is the least vaccinated country in Europe.

Yet from Thursday, 75% of Bulgarians – the overwhelming majority – will be banned from restaurants, gyms, malls, and other indoor recreational areas.

That’s pretty bold, even by Great Reset standards.


Bulgaria will make a COVID-19 “Green Certificate” mandatory for indoor access to restaurants, cinemas, gyms and shopping malls, the health minister said on Tuesday, as the country struggles with a rising number of coronavirus infections.

The health pass – a digital or paper certificate showing someone has been vaccinated, tested negative or recently recovered from the virus – was originally conceived to ease travel among European Union states.

As of Oct. 21, people who want to visit indoor public spaces including cafes, hotels, concert halls, museums and swimming pools should show such a health pass, interim Health Minister Stoicho Katsarov told reporters.

“The number of new infections and deaths is rising. That forces us to impose additional measures. All activities indoors should be carried out with a green certificate,” he said as he appealed to vaccine-sceptical Bulgarians to get inoculated.

Bulgaria is the EU’s least vaccinated country and has had the highest mortality rate in the bloc in the past two weeks.

Only 25% of Bulgaria’s seven million people have had at least one COVID shot, well below the EU average of nearly 80%.

Any government willing to do something this audacious must hold strong convictions that the people it rules over are completely apathetic goyim slaves who will never rise up over anything.

Will the Bulgarian people prove them wrong?

Or will they just remain in their villages and continue spinning dogs?