Trump’s Jew Lawyer be All Like “Watch Your Back Bitch”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2017

Trump views certain individual Jews in the way that the old royalty of Europe used to view them – as talented economic and legal mercenaries who act without conscience. And I’m sure that worked well for him in business. Everyone knows you have to have Jew lawyers, accountants and so on – they are just talented at these things. Genuinely, they are good at screwing people over financially and legally.

What he is doing is bringing these Jews onboard with his political program and trying to use them in the same capacity as he did in business. But this doesn’t work. They are a group now.

And even when an individual Jew thinks he is fighting for Trump as a conscienceless merc, he is actually being drawn by his genetics back into the tribe’s larger agenda to destroy Trump.

ProPublica has published emails that Trump Jew lawyer Marc Kasowitz exchanged with some random Jew that emailed him. The Jew was asking Kasowitz to quit working for Trump, after he had been featured on a piece by the Jew Rachel Maddow. The subtext is, “you are betraying your race.”

Kasowitz started threatening the other Jew, then said “I’m Jewish. I presume you are too.”

This is bizarre to see. It is, as I have said, the individual Jew who has been hired to do a ruthless mercenary job and consciously wants to do it being drawn back to the tribe by his genes.

The other thing is that this Jew is just creating a mess for him by threatening other Jews. Remember the other Jew lawyer threatened a Jew journalist and created that whole scene?

Trump needs to get rid of these Jews and hire Italian lawyers and he needs to do it quickly.

Here is the entire ProPublica twitter thread telling the story.

Basically, they used to have this religion that held their race together. Now, they’ve gone secular, so they can end up in these situations where they are opposed to each other, and certain Jews are on the wrong side of the Jewish agenda.

But then, what you just read in that Twitter thread happens. He gets pulled back in by his tribe, even while trying to fight it on the level of his personal consciousness.

Thanks to ProPublica for helping me explain Jewish genetic behavior, by the way. Really a little bit shocked they had the nerve to publish “I’m Jewish. I presume you are too.”