Dr. Tomislav Sunic: Non-White Migration and the Politics of Penitence

Daily Stormer
May 30, 2017

We do we not have a London Forum in America?

We could do it in London, Ohio.

Only a thoroughly moronic materialist can believe that spiritual health – whether of nation or individual – is of no importance.  In contrast, however, the religious leaders of a nation should treat the nation’s spiritual health and the population’s spiritual health as things of paramount importance.  The religious leaders shouldn’t be busy trying to exterminate the people and replace them with foreigners of a completely different and hostile religion – or should they?  Why is it that the mainstream Christian Churches are so intent on wiping out Christianity from Western Europe and most other countries established by the ethnic diaspora from what was traditionally referred to as Christendom?  Why do the mainstream Christian Churches in these parts of the world so very much hate rank and file Christians from its traditional demographic? Why is the leadership of the organised Christianity so keen on taking the religiosity and spirituality out of Christianity; so intent on desacralizing the religion they supposedly serve?  Why has modern Christianity become nothing other than a sort of bizarre liberal death cult intent on destroying itself?  Would a Christian from 200 years ago even recognise the current religion as Christian?  Would one from 100 years ago do so, or even 50 years ago?   The 1960’s saw the beginning of terrible changes.

Roman Catholicism adopted Vatican II and other deleterious modernizations which meant that they ditched the Latin Mass and their traditional liturgy and prayers, all of which it had followed for nigh on a thousand years.  It then proceeded to rip up the altars so that the priest instead of facing God, turned his back on God and faced the congregation as if he was some sort of server in a fish & chip shop. The Church of England, not to be outdone, not only got rid of the King James Authorised Version of the bible, but also the Book of Common Prayer, (these had been in use since 1611 and 1662 respectively), and instead adopted an ever changing, ever more dumbed-down form of service, and increasingly dull and infantile translations of the bible.  Similar destruction has occurred in all denominations, but the result in all has been the same – a drastic drop in church attendance. And yet the church hierarchies persist in pushing through more modernizations, (e.g. female vicars, women bishops, homosexual marriages, gay priests, transgender priests etc. ad nauseum), with the predicted resultant further drops in church attendance and in the numbers of those willing to enter the priesthood.

In a growing number of churches throughout the world the music, liturgy and sermons now resemble something you’d hear in the first year of kindergarten.  Every year sees more and more innovations supposedly designed to stem the fall in church attendance, and each of these innovations is met with a resultant fall in those attending.  Graceful old churches that have stood since the Middle Ages are closed down and new super ugly alien concrete carbuncles are built to replace them.  Not content with destroying Christianity the church authorities worldwide are now hell bent on promoting white genocide and encouraging the promotion of every other religion except for Christianity.  Modern organized Christianity is now at the forefront of encouraging millions of non-whites, Muslims, and other non-Christians to come and colonize white nations.  The invasions that attempted to destroy the Europe and Christianity of the past, (the Mongol hordes, the Tatars, the Ottomans, the Moors etc.), pale into insignificance when compared to the numbers that are invading our territory now.    Tomislav Sunic, respected author, Croatian Diplomat and American academic, whose relatives and ancestors have suffered under both the tyrannies of Ottoman and Communist rule, will share with us his insights as to why this is all happening and what we can do to rescue the situation.