218,000 Migrants Crossed Mediterranean in October

Daily Stormer
November 3, 2015

Muffugguh where dem pensions at? We be botta pay all dem muffugguhs.
Muffugguh where dem pensions at? We be botta pay all dem muffugguhs.

Based on the estimates of Jewish experts, 200,000 or so migrants a month will add up to about a million a year.

The same Jews who gave us that expert mathematical analysis also estimate that a million a year is no problem, and will help the economy.

“200,000 a month, or roughly one million a year, will be a boon to the economy, will raise the national wealth, and will ensure that elderly Germans have their pensions paid. Each new African who arrives is like a goose that lays golden eggs. They have much more energy than Germans, who are lazy and stupid,” says EU economic advisor Jacob Goldbergstein.

Daily Mail:

More than 218,000 migrants and refugees crossed the Mediterranean to Europe in October, more than the total number of arrivals in 2014, the United Nations said Monday.

Last month broke all records for people making the crossing, with a majority of people arriving in Greece after making the shorter journey across the Aegean Sea from Turkey rather than aiming for Italy and Lampedusa.

It is believed that fears that the EU is about to close its borders has caused a spike in numbers as thousands of desperate refugees risk their lives by crossing the Mediterranean.

‘Last month was a record month for arrivals,’ said UN refugee agency spokesman Adrian Edwards, pointing out that ‘arrivals in October parallelled the entire 2014.’

In October, 218,394 people made the perilous crossing – all but 8,000 of them landing in Greece – compared to 216,054 Mediterranean arrivals during all of last year, UN figures show.

The soaring numbers of arrivals last month brought to over 744,000 the number of people who have made the journey so far this year.

The October figures show that despite the increasingly harrowing conditions at sea at the onset of winter, refugees from Syria and other trouble spots continue to pile into boats heading west, fearing that Europe is about to close its borders.

Never fear, Haji – this border isn’t ever going to close. Europe is like a dead stripper – you can just keep raping her because she sure as hell isn’t going to scream.

Yesterday, the Jewish helper of Europe and America, George Soros, revealed that he was spending unknown billions of importing these brown people into Europe, and views all resistance to full Islamization of Europe as evil.