2020 Election: More Evidence of Fraud – 6,000 Michigan Votes Flipped for Biden and Other Such Scandals

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Before you read this, go to the StopTheSteal site and figure out which rally you are going to today. If you are an American, you have a duty to get to one of these rallies today. They are being held in every state capital.

This situation is very dire. We can win if we fight.



Nick agrees:



The election fraud continues, getting dumber and dumber as the hours and days stretch on.

The election is now almost as fake as Joe Biden’s event with the fake cars and podium. It isn’t that fake yet, but it’s well on its way.

Donald Trump Jr. has retweeted a video from Ian Mile Cheong of a woman in Michigan explaining that a vote tabulation program was caught flipping six thousand votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

At least 47 counties in Michigan were using the same software.

It was Dominion Voting Systems software.

Remember this?

Last year, we reported that the voting system in Georgia and in 33 states total to different extents – Dominion Voting Systems – donated big money to the Clinton Foundation.

Big enough money to get a dedicated page on the Clinton Foundation website.

One of their lobbyists is Nancy Pelosi’s former chief of staff.

Last year, Georgia replaced nearly its entire voting system with these machines.

What is the relationship between that and the vote flipping in Georgia?

What is the relationship between Dominion and all of this weird stuff we’re seeing? How many counties are using machines and/or software from these companies?

Frankly, getting caught flipping 6,000 votes should by rights result in every single vote that was tabulated by Dominion being thrown out.

Catching them this one time in Michigan could be the string we need to pull to unravel this entire ridiculous conspiracy against us.

But that is but one string.

We are pulling all sorts of strings.

GOP Party Chair Ronna McDaniel already has over 100 affidavits from poll employees willing to go on record to report fraud in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

She appeared on Sean Hannity last night with the woman who found the error with the flipped votes in Antrim County, Michigan.

(Timestamped at 13:30 in this YouTube video.)

She’s now in Georgia looking for more trickery.

Here’s a big thing from Philly – James O’Keefe got a postal worker on record for having witnessed his supervisor talking about post-dating ballots. Postmaster Robert WEISENBACH.

In Philadelphia, these people were caught handing out absentee ballots in the basement. I have no idea why you would even do this, but they’ve just gotten totally bold as they scramble.

We have a weird mass issue of people not filling out the entire ballot.

This needs to be looked into. Most people fill out ballots. If 20% are not filling out the entire ballot, I think someone rushed through and filled out a bunch of ballots.

Finally: The math says this is fraud. 

Wikipedia edited their “Bedford’s Law” entry after too many people were citing it in connection to the election math.

The Red Elephants have an article up going through that math.

Former Trump employee Matt Braynard just had his GoFundMe for investigating election fraud shut down.



The evidence of fraud is almost overwhelming at this point.

Apparently, the FBI is going to investigate back-dated ballots in Michigan.

Remember: we’re all focused on the fraud that took place after the count was shut down on Tuesday night – but that fraud was just a Hail Mary, because their earlier fraud wasn’t big enough to cover the actual support that Trump has. They never thought it would get to this point. That’s why they ran all the fake polls – they thought that with their mail-in ballot fraud, Biden would get totally overwhelming numbers.

Regarding the pre-election mail-in ballot fraud – look at this:

All of the 90-year-olds registered in Pennsylvania decided to vote BIDEN!

Usually, 90-year-olds aren’t big voters – but this year, they felt they just had to come out to support ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER RIOTERS!

It’s brave of the 90-year-olds to get out there and vote for communism in America – but even braver is all the dead people that are voting.

Really, really brave.

Dead people are super into communism. Communists are the only ones willing to meet the needs of corpses.

If you don’t believe that, you’re a racist.

Except blacks are getting mad.

Not even Nasheed believes this bullshit.

Many of these counties are reporting virtually a 100% voter turnout, something that has never even come close to happening before. That is a result of harvesting these mail-in ballots. That goes beyond the legal term of “harvesting” – I have zero doubt that these people were just going around and picking them up and filling them out.

Note that at the same time these Democrats and media people are claiming that there is “no evidence” of fraud, people are already getting arrested for it.

In Texas this week, a WOMAN was arrested on 134 counts of voter fraud.

The rest of these people just haven’t gotten caught, probably because they don’t live in Texas and the governments of other states are ordering this fraud to be carried out.

These people are putting us on lists. AOC has lists of people she’s going to punish.

If we win, we have to punish them for what they did to our country.

We’re still in this.

SCOTUS has issued a decree that Pennsylvania must segregate the ballots.

If they don’t do that – and they won’t – we then have grounds upon which to demand a re-vote.

Things are looking very good going into the weekend, overall.

The Supreme Court is going to decide, and we’ve gotten positive signals from them – that’s a big deal.

We are getting incredible amounts of support.

Literally every single Trump supporter, and even some people who aren’t Trump supporters, believe that this is total fraud.

With many other politicians out there talking about how bad this hoax has gotten, Mitch McConnell was finally pressured into doing so.

That’s a very good sign, as it indicates his people think Donald Trump has a good enough chance of winning that it is necessary for him to hedge his bets.

One Arizona Congressman is calling for drastic special measures to investigate this filthy hoax.

Even that queer little fatboy and faggot Matt Gaetz is out there spitting fire.

We’re still in the game here, folks.

This is all dependent on their ability to engage in mass censorship of the people.

But they are now in a position where they are trying to censor not just Andrew Anglin and his army of six million trolls, but 70 million Americans. That’s over ten times the troll army size.

I don’t think they can censor 70 million Americans. They can’t censor all of these politicians.

We’re not giving up.

Nick Fuentes had a good take.

He needs to get out at those protests; Alex will send a helicopter for him.

Here’s the deal: Alex Jones has our backs.

He’s ready to go.

I’m ready to go.

Listen, I’ve told you: if we fail to keep Trump in office, I’m lobbying for secession. I’ve told you that so you don’t get depressed, and you understand that we have plans within plans and plans beyond plans. No one knows what’s going to happen, but whatever happens, we’ve got a plan, okay? So just please – chillax, bro.

But right now: we are fighting for this election, and that is a fight we’re going to keep fighting until they drag us away.


We are going to fight this until it’s over.