2020 Democrats Resurrect Michael Brown Hoax, Libel Darren Wilson

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 12, 2019

It’s been over three years since Officer Darren Wilson was cleared of any wrongdoing by Barack Obama’s Justice Department over the death of Michael Brown, a gigantic black man who Wilson shot dead in self-defense after he attacked the officer when he was confronted about a robbery he had just committed.

The grand jury confirmed that everything that Wilson said in his 2014 interview with George Stephanopoulos was true.

Brown started punching Wilson in the face and attempted to grab his gun from him, and Wilson shot him while that was happening.

Everyone is also aware of the footage of Brown robbing and then manhandling a small Pakistani man, which is what Wilson was responding to.

Apparently, several 2020 Democrats assume the population has forgotten about all this, so they decided to use the fifth anniversary of Brown’s death, which was on Friday, to attack white people and officer Darren Wilson specifically.

Both Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris accused Wilson of murder.

This is actual libel, and Darren Wilson should sue both of them. These women are both lawyers. They know that it is libelous to accuse someone who has been cleared of potential murder charges of being a murderer. And yet they’ve done it anyway.

What are they thinking? 

I know Darren Wilson has been through a lot and is presumably very beaten down as a person, but surely there is at least some chance that he will respond with legal action to such high profile people knowingly falsely accusing him of murder.

The other candidates were more careful, and didn’t use the word “murder.”

Cory Booker however accused Wilson of being a “violent racist,” which is also libelous, as there is no evidence that Officer Wilson is either of those things.

It’s just… genuinely incredible, all of this.

When we used to talk about “lying politicians,” it was generally them lying about their own behavior, or telling lies about the things they’re going to do. Politicians choosing to lie about events that don’t even have anything to do with them is a new phenomenon.

And to be able to tell lies this bold is very scary.

Black Lives Matter pretty much died when they started mandating that cops wear body cameras. This showed that when cops shoot black people, they don’t do it because they’re driven by wild-eyed hatred for the color of the skin, but rather because the blacks are attacking them.

But I guess 2020 Democrats want to bring this movement back, to get the blacks all riled up.

Blacks are only useful when they’re riled. Otherwise they’re just hanging out doing drugs and having sex.

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