2020: A Year to Remember

The Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand and Twenty has been one heck of a ride. In fact, it hasn’t been a ride so much as an extended crash scene, as so much of our humanity was stripped from us by the all powerful government and media, which have risen as two beasts to fulfill some strange manner of Biblical apocalypse in the name of a virus and a strange international revolutionary Marxist agenda.

Let’s look back upon the days of our lives.

(More like the daze of our lies, amirite?)

There were really just three events defining the whole thing. Primarily.

Coronavirus Mania

Obviously, the number one issue of the year was the coronavirus hoax.

This was a flu virus, which has a 99.98% survival rate according to their own fake numbers, and did not manage to increase the total death rate, meaning that everyone who died of the virus (allegedly) would have died of something else. That’s from a John Hopkins publication.

The solution to the fact that there was a flu virus, presented by Bill Gates, was to shut down all small businesses while allowing large corporations to operate normally. They told us that the hospitals were going to be overwhelmed, so we had to “flatten the curve.” This term “flatten the curve” meant not to prevent infections, because at that time the government was still admitting you can’t prevent infections, but to stretch out the rate at which they are infected so that the hospitals aren’t overwhelmed. Because extra people would die if the hospitals were overwhelmed. It turned out that the hospitals were never overwhelmed, and instead the nurses were doing dances on TikTok.

Because hospitals were not overwhelmed, the entire “flatten the curve” narrative was thrown out, and the media and Gates just started saying we have to stay locked in our houses until there is a vaccine. (Now, of course, there is a vaccine, and they are telling us it doesn’t matter, we still have to stay locked up.)

Despite the fact that by March, it was obvious that this virus was a total nothing burger, it was allowed for this to become the total center of human reality, and it was used as a justification to completely strip the population of every one of their basic civil rights, and collapse the economy.

Whilst the economy was collapsing, and tens of thousands of small businesses were collapsed, it was a public matter that the billionaires were increasing their fortunes by billions. It was obviously a massive wealth transfer, but no one in the media was willing to make the connection between the elite support of the lockdown and the wealth transfer, and the majority of the peasants haven’t noticed it.

We are never getting our rights back, we’re never getting our money back, this is all permanent and the people allowed this to happen.

This was only possible due to the massive censorship regime that was introduced in 2017. This allowed the tech companies to silence anyone who was attempting to tell the truth about the virus, the lockdown, the wealth transfer – all of it. It was banned.

Imagine it: I was the first person banned and I was also the first person telling the truth about this virus. Alex Jones was the second person banned, and he was the second person telling the truth about this virus (although his narrative is kind of confusing, he does say that the virus is not deadly and the lockdowns are designed to destroy freedom and steal money).

It doesn’t matter for any practical reason now, but I often picture future historians putting a lot of weight into my writings here, and I just want history to remember: this whole coronavirus crisis, which is triggering the total collapse of civilization, was a result of the internet censorship that began with the internet blacklisting of the Daily Stormer in August of 2017.

This entire thing was planned, years before any of us ever heard of “coronavirus.” It was a totally planned agenda to transform society. The virus did not come from China, and we actually know as a matter of fact it was in Italy months before it was in China. The whole thing was and is a total and complete hoax designed to transform society.

These people invented an entirely new definition of government, where instead of existing to keep the peace, it exists to make your decisions for you and protect you from potential bad decisions they think you are making.

Black People: Oppressed

Speaking of transforming society: Come summer, a black man died of a drug overdose while resisting arrest, and all of a sudden the media kicked off a gigantic program to claim that police are racists and they’re trying to kill black people on purpose.

All of a sudden, there was a massive “Black Lives Matter” movement, which was an aggressive Marxist movement dedicated, like the coronavirus hoax, to destroying the middle class and establishing a new order in the Western world.

The government of the United States, against Donald Trump’s protests, allowed blacks and “Antifa” Jewish homosexuals to burn down the entire country. These riots spread to every area of the country, and internationally. It was all based on the absurd and obviously, factually false conspiracy theory that police are trying to exterminate black people because they hate their skin color.

This movement started demanding that the police be defunded, which has begun happening, and which has caused the murder rate to explode. Also, they’ve de facto legalized intravenous drug use on the public street, because there are no cops.

However, there are still cops to shut down businesses that open against the lockdown rules.

Basically, the plan is what I spent the middle part of the year trying to beat into the heads of the readers: they are going to create a situation where blacks can come to your house to kill you and your family, and if you call the police they will not come. However, if you defend yourself when the blacks come for you, the cops will come arrest you.

People got mad when I kept saying that, but now everyone understands that it is obviously true.

The solution is what I always said it was: move out of the big cities.

Election: Biden Most Popular Biden Ever, Of Any Single Biden

The biggest fraud in the history of elections took place in November, with the usurper Joe Biden being awarded more than 81 million votes, which is 15 million more than Hillary Clinton got.

The reason this fraud was possible is that election law was totally overhauled in response to the false threat of the coronavirus.

Several swing states shut down their vote counts in the middle of the night after the election, then brought in new votes, or filled out new votes, filing them as mail-in votes.

The Republican Party largely refused to investigate any of this, and apparently, Joe Biden is going to be inaugurated as president in a couple weeks.



Third World Reconstruction

One notable thing we witnessed was that the third world was forced into cultural revolution.

Among other things:

  1. The Arab world normalized relationships with the Jews
  2. The Arab world normalized feminism and homosexualism
  3. A movement in Thailand began challenging the monarchy
  4. The Africans legalized gay anal
  5. Africans did some weird feminist stuff
  6. Mexico had feminist riots (which made no sense)
  7. Argentina legalized on-demand abortion, with the rest of the Latin world preparing to follow suit

And so on.

It’s amazing how quickly these people broke when it came time to break.

China Gibberish 

Another weird thing was that China was turned into a boogieman. Even whilst we were watching the people that run our own countries purposefully destroying our countries, the media started saying that China was really bad and it was really important for us to be really concerned about what the Chinese are up to.

We are literally watching people in our own country – primarily Jews – destroy everything, and the peasants are out there talking about China. It’s actually amazing and almost unbelievable.

Theme Song?

I’ve found that my personal experience with this year can be primarily summed up by a Van Morrison song.

Not the Van Morrison songs that were written in protest of the lockdown, although those are epic, historically important tunes.

You must then be thinking: “it must be something from Astral Weeks, which captures the surreal nature of this year and these strange happenings. Possibly the title track, or maybe ‘Slim Slow Slider.'”

Alas, no. The Van Morrison song that sums up my experience is a later, horn heavy classic: Real Real Gone.

I feel that I have totally slipped past reality, into another dimension. A strange, perplexing anti-reality. And I feel that the exit has felt like the horns in that song. I picture myself dancing sideways into this other realm as that trombone pumps.

Every single time I read some new, deranged headline, those horns started playing in my brain, and I think, “where am I?” and the answer is always: “I’m real, real gone.”

This speaks to a fact that is often going unmentioned: what they’ve done to us this year has been very personal, for each one of us. This is not political, this is a direct assault on our must fundamental human identity. They have taken a part of who we are away from us.

Frankly, the second song that has entered my brain repeatedly is the totally different Deacon Blue song “Real Gone Kid.”

There is an intense theme here, which I am feeling intensely, about being really, really gone.

Here’s the thing, kids: it’s all gone. Everything about your life and your existence just vanished in a puff of smoke in 2020, and none of it is coming back.

We’re in a new world now, and as much as we talk about politics, our first and primary agenda has to be figuring out how to deal with this on a personal level.

And what can I really say about that?

“Jesus saves.”

That’s about it, frankly.

From there, you’re just going to have to work it out, however you can manage, and get back on the horse and ride.

Because make no mistake about it, bro: we’ve entered ride or die territory. We’ve been thrust into it.

Personally, I was born to ride.

Many of you are going to have to work that out in your own brains.

Do that as quickly and as cleanly as possible, and saddle up.

The devil is at our heels.

He is very hungry and his claws and fangs are already dripping with the blood of innocents.