2015: Most Gun Sales Ever in History

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 15, 2016

Obama said he'd fundamentally transform America. We like it the way it was, all about guns and eagles.
Obama said he’d fundamentally transform America. We like it the way it was, all about guns and eagles.

It is obvious even to retards that there is no possible way you could remove all of these guns from the street. At least not within a period of less than 100-200 years.

So the only possible thinking behind gun control is to make it harder for law-abiding Whites to get guns.

The Trumpet:

December has typically been the most popular month for American gun purchases since the FBI started keeping records in 1998. December 2015 followed that trend—3,314,594 background checks recorded by the FBI smashed the next highest month of the year by over 1 million. It also broke the overall monthly record of December 2012 by over 600,000 sales.

More than 23 million checks were processed during 2015. It was an all-time record, with each month from May to December breaking their respective records.

The fbi’s firearm background checks are regarded as the most reliable gauge of actual gun sales, as most purchases are made through federally licensed firearms dealers.

And probably twice that number were bought at gun shows by people who didn’t want the paperwork because they know that hag Hillary is going to try to do door-to-door confiscations of guns owned by Whites.

Just as the feared government reaction to the Sandy Hook shooting in December 2012 spiked gun sales for the following months, this December’s San Bernardino terrorist attack, which left 14 dead, probably contributed to the massive increase. Many commentators continue to argue that increased political discussion and talk of executive action to limit gun sales is leading American citizens to buy even more guns.

If we don’t get Trump, basic gun rights are doomed.

What’s even worse, however, is the fact that Hillary is going to go after our free speech in the tubes.

Hillary Clinton is the “Shut It Down” President.

Donald Trump is the “Build It” President.

Your choice, America.