2014: Immigration Beat the Economy to Become the Biggest Worry of the British

Daily Stormer
December 30, 2014

Immigration is now consistently the most important political issue of concern to voters. Pictured: Rape-monkeys try to board a lorry near Calais.

2014 was the year that the invasion finally became the most important concern for the people of Britain, according to YouGov.

It even topped the economy, which until now, was seen as the most important issue and at the same time the excuse, for the invasion.

Over the past year, immigration has moved ahead of the economy as the British public’s top priority, according to YouGov. Pictured: Plague-infested savages helping the economy by trying to get the lorry driver fined.

Daily Mail:

Since May, voters have put it above or tied with the economy in every survey conducted by the organisation.

At one point, in September, it was selected by 58 per cent of voters as one of the three most important issues for the country while only 48 per cent had the economy in their top three.

YouGov chose ‘Immigration becoming the public’s most important issue’ as one of its top five public opinion trends of 2014.

Will Dahlgreen, from YouGov, said: ‘From May to December immigration was seen as the most important issue facing the country, except for on three occasions when it was tied with the economy.

‘Although immigration began to narrow the gap at the end of 2013, 2014 is the first year since 2010 when the economy has not been the top issue.

‘Immigration had an average lead of one point over the whole year, compared to a deficit of 18 in 2013 and 32 in 2012.’

Polling data also showed Europe has increased hugely as an issue of concern over recent years, from just 7 per cent of voters choosing it as an issue in June 2010 to 25 per cent in October this year.

In recent months, as both immigration and Europe have soared as issues of concern, Ukip has moved up in the polls. In May it triumphed in the European elections, winning 4.3million votes and beating Labour into second place and the Tories into third.

Ukip has also won two House of Commons by-elections in Rochester and Clacton after MPs Mark Reckless and Douglas Carswell defected from the Conservatives.

One of the biggest issues with immigration is that around these Blacks, the British people feel they can “never relax,” say experts.