2014 America: The Wrong Place and Time

Modern Heretic
February 1, 2014

The dinosaur media has established a predictable template. First, give the story as little attention as possible and aggressively ignore the racial aspect. Downplay the horror of the crime with moronic cliches like “robbery gone wrong.” Mention the lack of arrests, maybe describe a jacket, document the feckless White response and get the whole thing into the memory hole.

He was in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

This meaningless and insulting statement could be another epitaph for America. Geographical location and chronological orientation gone wrong. Another forgotten White victim of the undeclared, one-sided race war.

That’s what investigators say about the night 19-year-old Kyle Jobin of McCordsville was shot and killed outside a Lawrence gas station.

They also say things like “we have camera footage of four identical looking brown blobs” and “there’s zero chance of catching the negroes involved.”

Investigators say a witness saw four black men surround his car, after he came out with his cigarettes: they were knocking on windows and doors, trying to get in the car.

Negro pack attack. Another “robbery gone wrong.” Another unarmed victim. Another White victim of negro pathology.

The witness ran to get police: when they came back, Kyle was slumped over the wheel, with a gunshot wound to the head.

Murdered by brown aliens.
Murdered by brown aliens.

“It’s so very hard, because Kyle never hurt anybody his whole life,” said Cyndi, his mother. “It felt like, why would they pick him? Why would they pick anybody?”

It was racial. The average negro is full of hatred for Whites. This is our reward for decades of trying to uplift this failed race.

Detectives at the Lawrence Police Department say they’ve now exhausted all leads, and are hoping someone from the public comes forward with information.

The usual outcome. Open season on Whites with law enforcement helpless.

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Pretending the negro is capable of living in a civilized nation is one of the greatest delusions of this age, up there with the idea that third world invasion is good, that it’s “heroic” to have a penis inserted in your anus and that the kosher counterfeiting press can keep humming away forever. These animals have no place in a White nation. No more victims, no more predictable negro failure. The right place is a White nation. The right time to start working for it is now.