200 Nude Models in the Dead Sea to Stop Global Warming, Demand the Entire Globe be Turned Into a Solid Sheet of Ice

I’m so sick of this shit!

The globe is not warming!

If it were warming, that would be good for all life!

But it never ends!

Washington Examiner:

An American artist is photographing hundreds of nudes at Israel’s Dead Sea to highlight the sinking water levels.

Spencer Tunick, who has photographed naked models at landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and a glacier in Switzerland, returned to the Dead Sea on Sunday for the third time to photograph 200 naked people coated in white paint.

People pose nude for American artist Spencer Tunick as part of an installation in the desert near the Dead Sea in Arad, Israel, Sunday, Oct. 17, 2021. About 300 participants took part in a nude photo installation designed to draw world attention to the importance of preserving and restoring the Dead Sea. (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit) Ariel Schalit/AP

“I’m here to raise awareness of the receding waters of the Dead Sea and to bring attention to the ecological disaster that is happening,” Tunick told CNN.

The shoot will benefit collaborator Ari Leon Fruchter’s dream of building a “Dead Sea museum” on the same location as the shoot.

“By connecting an environmental issue to the (human) body, (it) shows the vulnerability of the body up against nature — and also, in juxtaposition, the vulnerability of nature that’s caused by the body,” Tunick said. “Mankind can affect a massive sea. And I think that showing this juxtaposition of the body — very fragile — against the Dead Sea, which is equally fragile, will bring a new energy to the work and people’s conversations.”

What do people think it means when these people talk about “reducing carbon emissions”???

It means your life changes!

It’s not an abstraction!

It means you can’t fly, you can’t drive, you can’t use electricity!

They are not talking about rich people – they are talking about YOU!

It feels good now to talk about “oh yeah, sure – I really support changing the weather!”

But this is something tangible and real!

They are talking about you downsizing your life!

They want you to live in a tiny apartment in a high-rise building and eat bugs!

This is not abstract!